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Feather Wand with Stuffed Mouse Toy -- Chew toy

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Feather Wand with Stuffed Mouse Toy -- Chew toy engages pet physically, mentally - Provides time to bond - Dangling, colorful feathers intrigues cat - Promotes natural instinct of hunting

  • HIGH QUALITY ELASTIC ROPE AND BENDABLE ROD --- Made with durable, high quality materials including Tetron Cotton, the exciting SunGrow Feather Wand Toy For Pets is flexible, bite resistant and ready to be played with.
  • PERFECT INTERACTIVE BONDING TOY --- Engage your pet physically and mentally with the mutually entertaining SunGrow Feather Wand Toy. Playing with your pet builds trust and helps the two of you bond.
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS OF ALL AGES --- Along with amusement, the SunGrow Feather Wand Toy For Pets is also designed with safety in mind. The 15.75 inch (40cm) flexible wand is long enough to keep your hands on a safe distance from playful pet claws.
  • FULFILLS YOUR PET’S BASIC HUNTING INSTINCT --- The colorful stuffed mouse or fish along with the dangling feathers imitate a cat’s natural prey invoking its natural instinct to hunt and play.
  • SUPER CUTE, VIBRANT, PLAYFUL DESIGN --- Even if your pet sneaks away with the SunGrow Feather Wand Toy, it will be easy to find; just look for the vibrant, brightly colored feathers with a fish or mouse on it.

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