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Popcorn Ball for Birds and Small Pets

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Popcorn Ball for Birds and Small Pets -- Chew Toy for Dental Care - Willow wicker vine ball - 100% natural - Relieves Pet’s Anxiety & Stress - Ideal for natural simulation and their instinct to chew

  • POPCORN CONTAINER & CHEW TOY --- Popcorn Ball (Vine Ball) by SunGrow is both a Popcorn container and a chew toy. In a matter of 2-minutes, your small pets are in for a treat. Vine Balls are perfect to surprise them with a treat. Simply put kernel corns inside the vine balls, wrap and put inside the microwave oven. As these intelligent fellows like to stimulate their brains, they will be delighted to realize that it is not just all about play but there’s the much awaited treat inside!
  • 100% NATURAL, SAFE & NON-TOXIC --- Made from naturally dried willow wicker, it is 100% safe. You are assured that it has no toxic composition because these are undyed and untreated toys and guaranteed pet-safe. This toy is perfect for rabbits, birds, guinea pigs, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, rodents, and mice.
  • ENCOURAGES SMALL PETS TO ENGAGE IN THEIR NATURAL BEHAVIOR --- Toys give small pets an opportunity to perform their natural activities such as chewing, foraging & destroying. It keeps them active and they love to have something to do during the day. It keeps boredom away from their system as they like making choices and solving problems
  • RELIEVES STRESS AND PREVENTS PETS FROM NOXIOUS BEHAVIOR --- Chew Toys like Popcorn Ball (Vine Ball) by SunGrow can lessen anxiety & stress levels of your pets. As your pets will be pretty occupied mentally and physically, they will no longer resort to any noxious behavior like chewing on just anything they see such as cage bars.
  • PROMOTES BIRD’S BEAK EXERCISE AND MAKE THEM HEALTHY --- Also categorized as destructible toys, each ball’s size is 4 inches in diameter. From the term itself, it is meant to be destroyed allowing them to perform their natural activities such as chewing & shredding. These activities for parrots, lovebirds, canary, finch, budgie, parakeet, and cockatiel can help them have healthy beaks as they trim.


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