VILA 8 Spray Pattern Garden Hose Nozzle, Multi-use, Fits All Standard Hoses, Heirloom Gift
  • ✔ 1 HOSE & 8 SPRAY PATTERNS --- This 5.5 inches well-rounded and versatile hose adjusts according to your needs and wants whether it’s a specific strength or form you want your water gushing out in. It comes with a built-in divergent spray sequence and flexible force of water flow.


  • ✔ PALATIAL INDUSTRIAL FRAME MAKES IT HEIRLOOM GIFT FOR GRANDCHILDREN --- The sturdy metal build is designed to last through life’s challenges and elements. This allows for a long-lasting durability with the added perk of being leak-proof as well. Pass on to your children and grandchildren as a gift. And hey, did we mention that using it is a child’s play?


  • ✔ MULTI-USE & ADAPTABLE --- Don’t worry about finding the right one that can fit your home. This one fits all standard hose openings and will not pose a problem for washing your cars, pets, front porch, and much more. With 8 spray patterns of the center, flat, mist, cone, shower, jet, soaker, rinse, pattern you have all of this within arm’s reach.


  • ✔ LABOR SAVING GRIP HANDLE FOR YOUR ADDED COMFORT --- The high-quality, reinforced rubber-bodied handle provides a satisfying and comforting hold. The Vila Garden Hose consistently restrains your fingers from slipping out of grip.


  • ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED --- What good would any product or service be without the assurance of quality, security, and satisfaction for their customers? A convenient reimbursement and/or replacement of the product should any problems arise is readily available as part of our excellent customer service.

Product description

Prefer the run-of-the-mill hose for your gardening or washing needs, but don’t like the hassle of how awkward and weighty it is? Then Vila 8-Spray Pattern Garden Green Hose is the perfect merchandise for you.

Enjoy the control of watering the garden or simply washing the car or pets with this very usable hose. Its flexibility easily lets you multitask so you can have a friendly chat with neighbors and friends if you wish. Its ability in accurately adjusting the appropriate water flow for each different chore saves time, energy, and more water than you would have wasted.

With adjustable spray patterns and water pressures to accommodate your diverse demands of anything you need to do outdoors, the strong metal construction assures a long-lasting product you won’t have to habitually change. Classic hose nozzles feature a push lever but this model presents you with a front pull-jack designed to offer you a comfortable hand grip.

With smooth functionality and reliability in mind with what makes this hose model different, the end result proves itself evident when the product demonstrates exceptional results making this a much-in-demand commodity.

SYNRA Chalk Label, 8 Stylish Removable and Reusable Waterproof Stickers for Jars, Bottles and Food Containers, Creates an Organized Home and Kitchen, Includes Writing Pen, 12 Pages,96 Pcs per Pack
  • ✔ORGANIZE YOUR PANTRY WITH STYLE --- Arrange and systematize your kitchen cabinet by putting labels on your containers. Chalk Label by Synra includes 96 pieces attractive chalkboard stickers that are perfect for your jars, boxes, canisters and bottles. This must-have set of sticker labels features eight stylish shapes in sophisticated black color.


  • ✔LABEL TO REMEMBER --- A clutter-free pantry allows you to save time and energy by helping you find what you need in an instant. Spare yourself from searching for your seasonings and spices and from tasting granules to determine salt from sugar. Labels create wonders by simplifying meal preparations and cooking without making you go through the rummage of things.


  • ✔WRITE, PEEL AND STICK --- Mark your containers in three easy steps! Write on the labelling stickers using the free chalk pen. Hold it upright then pump the tip to let the air in and shake until the liquid moves down. Tap the tip until the ink comes out then begin to write. Peel the label then stick on the desired surface.


  • ✔MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS --- You can go beyond creating no-mess pantry storage with this chalk label set. You can start organizing and find your office supply, jewelry, arts and crafts trinkets, baking equipment and car tools easily by putting a neatly written label on their storage bins. You can also personalize party loot bags, thank you cards, gifts, occasion tags, bottle labels, packaging and scrapbooks using these beautiful label stickers.


  • ✔ WASHABLE AND REUSABLE --- These premium waterproof vinyl blackboard sticker labels are removable and has reusable adhesive. If you wish to change the container's content, you can also change the label easily by wiping it off with a wet towel and rename using the writing pen.

Product Description


Start with The Basic

An organized home creates a great impact on one's life, more so a well-arranged kitchen where most family gatherings and activities occur. As this space in the house is frequently used, you need to create a system to make this room work more efficiently.

You can always start with the most basic yet very important component in your space organization – the pantry. Begin with labelling your jars, bottles, canisters, food containers, cans and everything else that adds to the chaos in your drawers or cabinets.

Organize, Personalize, Customize

Chalk Label by Synra with its 96 pieces of sticker templates allows you to achieve an organized pantry. The 12-page black-colored labelling set has eight stylish shapes with a measurement of 3.4" x 2" per sticker.

You can customize by cutting the labels depending on your desired size and form. It comes with a white chalk marker so you can properly label, personalize tags and showcase your calligraphy skills. The chalk labels are easy to use.

Drill Brush Set of 4, Soft, Medium, and Stiff Power Scrubbing Brush Drill Attachment, for The Toughest Cleaning Jobs, Drill Powered Cleaning Attachments for Bathrooms, Kitchens, Cars and More
  • ✔ FAST AND EFFICIENT CLEANING --- Who has time to sit there for hours scrubbing away at stubborn stains, stuck on food or grime in the bathroom or in the kitchen? Use these Vila cleaning brushes that attach to any drill, to handle even the toughest cleaning jobs with ease and efficiency. Spin your way through your chores.


  • ✔ HEAVY-DUTY APPLICATIONS --- There are varying degrees of abrasiveness making these scrub drill brushes by Vila suitable for heavy-duty applications. Clean concrete, brick, grills, furnaces with the red stiff brush. You will be amazed at the results.


  • ✔ GENTLE HOME CLEANING MADE EASY --- If your cats, dogs or kids have been making a mess of your furniture you can make use of the white soft drill brush. It’s gentle bristles will effectively remove dirt or food from glass surfaces, couches, leather chairs or fabric ottomans. The rotations of this brush will not ruin your furniture.


  • ✔ REMOVE GRIME FROM GROUTING AND TILES --- Your friends and family will be wondering who your new housemaid is when they come over and see your sparkling tiles in the kitchen and bathroom! You can take credit or put it down to your new yellow medium drill brush that will clean any grime, grout or dirt from your tiles.


  • ✔ EASY TO USE --- If you are not used to using power tools, never fear because our set of brushes for drills is super easy to use. Simply take your handheld drill and attach the pieces into the chuck. These attachments will work with any drill you own. Ladies and gents, it’s time to take on your home or industrial cleaning with this Vila power drill brush today.

Product Description

Vila Wool Dryer Balls, 2.75 Inches, New Zealand Wool Reduce Wrinkles and Static Cling, Soften Laundry, Lint Remover, Reusable Felt Balls, Speeds Drying, Saves Money on Energy Bills, 6 Pieces

Product description

Works for Babies!
Unlike common liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets, the Vila Laundry Balls are your go-to option because of its benefits. These handmade wool balls are ideal for babies. Our dryer balls have no fillers like cheap knockoffs and are an alternative to plastic steamer balls. The set of 6 wool balls softens towels, sheets, and clothing and also fluffs down items like jackets and quilts.

Low Maintenance and Super Easy to Use
Versatile and practical, the 2.75” Vila Wool Balls work in all brands of washing machines and dryers. For standard laundry loads, toss 3 to 4 balls in the washer or dryer. For larger loads, we recommend using all 6 wool dryer balls. The more balls used, the faster the clothing will dry. These practical balls can be reused immediately after being used. When not in use, store the wool balls in a dry place, out of a plastic bag.

As they do collect lint and pet hair, you can easily remove it by giving them a quick defuzz with a fabric shaver. If you ever catch a whiff of a “wet wool” smell, wash the balls in your washer on the hot setting and then thoroughly dry them in your dryer.

Fun for Decorative Projects
Not just functional in the laundry room, the white felt balls from Vila are also great additions to handmade gifts, indoor and outdoor decorations and all toys for your pets. The white-colored ball can easily be dyed to suit your home’s decor or artwork. Keep them white and use them as snowballs in a beautiful Christmas wonderland scene. The soft wool is fine for both children and pets to play with. Use the wool ball as an alternative to rubber and tennis balls to play fetch with your dogs. Pet cats love to push the fabric ball across the floor and use it as a scratching ball.

SYNRA Dishwashing Gloves, 19.6-Inches Long, Non-slip Scrubbing Tool for Tableware, Pans, Pots, Glasses, Protects Nails, Hands, Forearms, 1 Pair per Pack
  • ✔ ENJOY NON-SLIP DISHWASHING --- A reliable kitchen partner, Dishwashing Gloves by Synra, makes washing dishes an enjoyable chore. These palm-shaped scrubbers can help you access hard-to-reach areas to wash off dirt and grime from your plates, glasses, utensils, and pans. It also features a textured surface with no-skid property providing excellent grip to avoid mishaps due to slippage.


  • ✔ LONG RUBBER SHIELDS FOR HANDS AND FOREARMS --- This set of scrubber extends up to the forearm with a length of about 19.6 inches (50 cm) and serves as protection for the nails, hands, wrist, and arms against possible cuts from broken glass and burning from hot water and harsh dishwashing soap. The precise length will also avoid water from leaking or getting into your sleeves.


  • ✔ FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE --- The elastic hand gloves’ loose design can fit most palms, and they can be worn and taken off quickly. The soft cashmere interior lining keeps hands and arms dry as you wash your dishes. If you have sensitive skin, this functions as another layer of protection from potential reactions.


  • ✔ DURABLE AND REUSABLE --- These state-of-the-art scrubbing gloves are made using a combination of hard-wearing materials. You can use them for a long time, and it can withstand numerous washings.


  • ✔ MULTI-PURPOSE SCRUBBING TOOL --- This pair of red and purple gloves do not just come handy in the kitchen. You can utilize this for other chores such as sanitizing the toilet and bath, gardening, pet grooming, and washing clothes, cars, fruits, and vegetables.

Product Description


Hygienic Move for a Spotless Kitchen

The kitchen is where family meals are being prepared and served and considered as the heart of every home. This part of the house is where all the action happens, from simple family conversation to grand celebrations. Unfortunately, this homemaker’s kingdom can also be the dirtiest. One of the chores that you can do to keep the kitchen consistently tidy is by regularly washing the dishes. Dishwashing can be a tedious task with all the dirt and grease you have to scrub off. However, having an efficient pair of gloves can make this mundane activity faster, better and easier.

Giving TLC to your Dishes and Hands

Dishwashing Gloves by Synra features a coarse surface that makes washing dishes a breeze. It also helps scrub off grime even to the most difficult to reach areas with its palm-shaped design. It also provides a good grip to help you grasp the items firmly. You should also not worry about your tableware, pans, and pots getting scratches because its soft texture will not cause abrasion.



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