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SunGrow Shrimp Net - Professional Grade Stainless Steel Telescopic handle

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SunGrow Shrimp Net: Professional Grade Stainless Steel Telescopic handle: Soft woven Fishing Net : Safe for All Aquatic pets: Easily catch shrimp, betta and guppies

  • MADE FROM PROFESSIONAL GRADE MATERIAL --- The professional grade stainless steel used in the SunGrow Shrimp Net is extremely strong and durable. Additionally, it resists salt-water corrosion, and will never rust or chip.
  • TELESCOPIC HANDLE --- This high-grade fishing net has a telescopic handle that can extend from 8.8 to 16.8 inches, making it simple to reach into deep water. This makes it suitable for all tank sizes.
  • SOFT WOVEN NET --- This shrimp net is made from a soft woven nylon. It will not damage or snag your shrimp when you need to remove them and put in water again. It is also very securely attached to the handle.
  • USEFUL FOR VARIOUS SMALL AQUARIUM PETS --- This SunGrow fishing net is useful and practical for catching red cherry shrimp, amano shrimp, betta fish, and guppies.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN --- This shrimp net is designed with a hole in the handle. You can use this to easily hang on the wall or near the aquarium for easy access.


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