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Shrimp hiding and breeding ground

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Create Shrimp hiding and breeding ground -- SunGrow Handmade Gray Ceramic Shelters - Improves water quality - Popular with Cherry, Crystal Red Shrimp Aquarium - Decorative aquarium accessory

  • PERFECT BREEDING GROUND FOR SHRIMPS --- Bring home the perfect breeding ground for shrimps with this gray ceramic shelter. Once inside it, they remain undisturbed and relaxed which increases their breeding rate. In this package, you will receive three pieces of finely crafted ceramic shelters.
  • AESTHETIC SURROUNDINGS FOR AQUARIUM --- Create an aesthetic surrounding to your home aquarium by keeping these ceramic logs inside. The gray color of the ceramic contrasts amazingly with the various hues of greens of the aquarium.
  • IMPROVE WATER QUALITY FOR PETS --- The ceramic shelter by SunGrow absorbs all the harmful chemicals and toxins thereby improve water quality. This in turn ensures that the shrimps and other aquatic pets get to live in cleaner water.
  • SECURE HIDEOUT FOR SHRIMPS --- The hollow space in the cave serves as a secure hideout for shrimps. The baby shrimps use these shelters for security while the adult shrimps use it for relaxation and spawning.
  • ADD MOSS MAT ON LOGS TO MAKE THEM EVEN PRETTIER --- Stack them any way you want! Add a layer of moss mat on the logs to create a natural habitat. The moss mat also helps in keeping the shelter in place. You can wrap and decorate the ceramic shelter with aquarium plants and algae.

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