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Aquifier Water Purifier - Clears Water by removing impurities

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Aquifier Water Purifier --- Clears Water by removing impurities - Reduces harmful ammonia, nitrites, nitrates - Traps Contaminants with microscopic pores of resin

  • REMOVES WATER IMPURITIES AND MINIMIZES FISH TRAUMA --- We all want that sparkling clear aquarium water without causing too much trauma on fish whenever we clean our tank. Using a filter is always the friendlier option for your fish. Aquifier by SunGrow is a premium synthetic adsorbent filtration product that removes soluble and insoluble impurities in your water tank. Using a unique macro-porous method, it digs through organic nitrogenous material from aquatic life and removes it from the wate
  • RESULTS IN HEALTHIER FISH --- This filter also aids in removing excessive food that fish doesn’t immediately take in. By doing so, it helps avoid health risks which are being caused by overfeeding such as fatty liver disease and digestive disorders. Also, it can greatly reduce the risk of ammonia stress which can occur when toxins accumulate inside the fish bodies if waste isn’t removed in their surroundings timely. This condition can develop into ammonia poisoning and can be fatal.
  • REDUCES ALGAE PRESENCE --- Excessive algae growth in your tank means imbalance in the ecosystem. This is normally caused by excessive nutrients such as phosphate that triggers algae growth. Aquifier by SunGrow can make a big difference in reducing phosphate levels and naturally algae growth thereby, makes tank water crystal clear.
  • CAN BE REGENERATED AND REUSABLE--- Unlike activated carbon, these synthetic polymers can be regenerated because of its high porosity content. You can actually use this product 5-6 times more until it is fully exhausted. To regenerate, in a non-metallic container, soak in a 1:1 bleach:water solution for 24 hours. Rinse well, then soak for 8 hours containing 2 tablespoons of dechlorinator per cup of water then rinse again.
  • USAGE INSTRUCTIONS --- Although this premium filter can do a thorough cleaning job, using it is actually very simple. Ensure to rinse the product prior to usage and put the filter beads inside a fine mesh filter bag (included in the pack) . Place this bag inside your tank’s filter compartment and let it do its cleaning wonders. Don’t forget to check ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels regularly and the filter bag periodically. Reuse filter up to 5-6 times until fully exhausted.

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