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Shirakura White Mineral Powder Enriched with Calcium

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Shirakura White Mineral Powder by Sungrow - Calcium Enriched for Shrimp's Stress Free Molting. Aids in healthy & Active Breeding - Improves Water Quality for Longevity - Imparts Color to Shrimps

  • MAKES YOUR SHRIMPS LIVE LONGER --- Studies have shown that only 1 in 10 baby shrimp survive until adulthood. The first few weeks of baby shrimps’ lives are very critical and they need plenty of the essential nutrients in order to survive. Shirakura powder helps to save these baby shrimps and then make their lives longer by enriching the water with necessary minerals. Plus, your shrimps would really love them!
  • MAKES YOUR SHRIMPS ACTIVE AND HELPS IN REPRODUCTION --- When this white mineral powder is added in right quantity in the tank, it improves colour intensity of the shrimps. They become more agile and reproduce in higher numbers.
  • CALCIUM-ENRICHED FOR STRESS-FREE MOLTING --- Molting cycle influences the shrimp’s behaviour and is a critical step in a crustaceans’ growth. The shrimp absorbs a large amount of water to expand its new cuticle which causes osmotic shock during this stage. With essential amount of calcium content, the SunGrow powder aids the shrimp's shell-hardening and recovery from osmotic stress. It is highly recommended for older snails and shrimps, as having older brittle shells, they need calcium.
  • WITH VITAMINS AND MINERALS THAT BOOSTS HEALTH --- SunGrow Shirakura White Mineral Powder provides the perfect nutrient balance for vitality, color and health, especially for baby shrimps in growing age. It improves activity of shrimps, bacteria, and microorganisms and plants. Sufficient minerals in water will give colors to shrimps. Use this with your baby shrimps from the very beginning in sufficient quantity to get your shrimp to develop bright color as they age.
  • IMPROVES WATER QUALITY –-- Calcium prevents pH of the tank from getting too acidic. Additionally, the Shirakura White Mineral Powder absorbs toxins and pollutants via ion exchange, thus, improving water quality both directly and indirectly. Improved water quality by Shirakura powder is proven to be the most essential factor in breeding shrimps, crayfish and snails.

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