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Rhinox Stainless Steel Needle Valve - Necessary for Accurate CO2 Regulation in Solenoid Fish Tanks

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Rhinox Stainless Steel Needle Valve - Necessary for Accurate CO2 Regulation in Solenoid Fish Tanks - Easy to Install - C02 Adjustment Valve - Used with Rhinox CO2 Diffuser Set

  • REQUIRED TO REGULATE CO2 FLOW ACCURATELY --- In order to properly monitor and adjust the flow of CO2 in your fish tank or aquatic plant environment, a CO2 diffuser set is necessary. An essential part of any functioning diffuser setup is a dependable adjustment valve. The Rhinox CO2 Needle Valve regulates the amount of CO2 that is released into your aquarium water.
  • CORRECT CO2 LEVELS PROMOTE HEALTHY FISH & PLANTS --- All plants have a natural photosynthesis process that requires CO2, which they convert into oxygen. Your fish, shrimp and other aquatic pets need to inhale this oxygen in order to survive and also exhale the carbon dioxide. Monitoring and regulating the amount of CO2 in your aquarium is essential to growing healthy and happy aquatic plants and pets.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL INTERIOR WITH ALUMINUM ALLOY --- Unlike the plastic versions, this valve is constructed with high-quality, reliable stainless steel and aluminum alloy. The Aquarium C02 Regulator Needle Valve is lightweight and easy to operate. The precise structure of the needle valve features a special metal grinded surface and finely detailed threading for secure closure.
  • QUICK & EASY TO SETUP AND INSTALL --- Ergonomically designed, the CO2 regulator valve quickly and easily installs into your CO2 diffuser set without the use of any additional tool. The practical nut lock design effectively locks the one way valve to the CO2 tube without any worry of coming loose or causing accidents.
  • VARIOUS OTHER USES ALONG WITH AQUARIUMS --- Although the most common use of the versatile Rhinox Needle Valve is the CO2 regulation system in a fish tank or aquatic plant aquarium, but there are many other applications one can consider. It can be used on disposable carbon dioxide equipment, water heater systems, household appliances and measuring instruments.

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