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Rhinox Easy CO2 - A Must Have Product For Supplementing Carbon in Tanks

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Rhinox Easy CO2 - A Must Have Product For Supplementing Carbon in Tanks : Make Your Aquarium Plants Beautiful & Healthy

  • CREATES PERFECT ENVIRONMENT FOR AQUASCAPING --- Carbon dioxide is the most important nutrient for plant life that executes photosynthesis. SunGrow Easy CO2 supplement keeps the carbon dioxide levels consistent and stable and you see lush planted aquarium at all times.
  • HELPS PREVENT & TREAT ALGAE --- The more plants thriving in your aquarium, the fewer chance algae has of taking over. Plants compete directly with algae for light and nutrients. When you add SunGrow Easy CO2 supplement in the tank, the flourishing plants do not allow algae to step in and it works as an ideal algaecide.
  • SAVE MONEY ON EXPENSIVE CO2 EQUIPMENT --- There are several ways of adding carbon supplement in the tank through injection kits, pressurized CO2 bottles, regulators etc. SunGrow Easy CO2 is an excellent, hassle-free and cost-effective method of supplementing carbon in the aquarium.
  • HASSLE-FREE DOSAGE --- For best results, use a capful (5 ml) of SunGrow Easy CO2 in 50 US gallons (200 liters) of water every day. After every 40% water change, add about 5 ml liquid carbon dioxide to 40 liters of water.
  • BONUS TIP TO HELP YOUR PLANTS IN GETTING CO2 --- The best way to help your plants in getting CO2 is by giving them a dosage before you turn the lights on, so it works like magic when your plants are through the photosynthesis process.

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