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Rhinox Airline Tubing with 2 Check Valves & 3 Suction Cups included

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Rhinox Airline Tubing, 2 Check Valves & 3 Suction Cups included: 6 Feet in length, Standard fit for all aquariums air pump, BPA Free

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED C02 RESISTANT TUBING--- Generic tubing usually loses up to 30% of c02 due to permeability, but the Rhinox Co2 resistant tubing ensures that you won’t lose any of the Co2 being pumped into the aquarium.
  • DURABLE DESIGN---- The tubing is thick, durable and long lasting. It measures 0.15”, diameter 0.24”. It can also be used for indoor gardens, hydroponics and of course fresh and saltwater aquariums.
  • FLEXIBLE AND KINK FREE--- This tubing is easy to handle and set up due to the flexibility of the tubing. The Rhinox tubing will remain kink free and soft.
  • BLACK COLOR HIDES ALGAE--- The black color of this co2 proof tubing is smart, because it will hide any algae if present.
  • CONNECTS TO REGULATOR--- This tubing will fit onto your co2 regulator which is connected to the diffuser. To ensure optimal co2 levels for your plants and fish

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