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Rhinox Aerator Bubbler Set - Additional Oxygen Promotes Fish Health - Increase Water Circulation - Unobtrusive, hides Well in hydroponic or Fish Tank - Produce Small Bubbles as Silent as in a Library

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  • UP WATER CIRCULATION --- Rhinox Air Stone works excellently to increase dissolved oxygen levels and provide good water circulation. Just put one end of the Rhinox tubing on the stone and the other end on an air pump and plug it in. The air stone will immediately start producing generous cascades of steady, consistent small bubbles that move water across your tank.
  • WORKS GREAT WITH FILTERS --- The Rhinox Air Stone is a great addition to any aquarium system, especially with any filter run by an air pump. It dispenses the correct balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the tank.
  • MINERAL STONE --- Every Rhinox Air Stone is made from mineral material sintered together in high temperatures to produce a strong and durable product. Its flat, circular shape is perfect for efficiently dispensing air bubbles. It is completely safe for your aquatic pets unlike many other products in the market.
  • BEAUTIFUL & PRACTICAL --- Every Rhinox Air Stone is made with minerals that give it a natural look. It goes well with almost all aquarium designs. Its rain of air bubbles produced gives your underwater world a beautiful effect with waves of water currents and swirls of dazzling air bubbles.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE --- The Rhinox Air Stone Set comes with a 1.6 -inch mineral stone and a 6.5 ft silicone pipe that you attach to your tank with a 1-inch suction cup. Please note that air pump is not included in the set. Give your mineral stone a good scrub every month.

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