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SunGrow Rabbit Wood Knot Nibble Toy

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SunGrow Rabbit Wood Knot Nibble Toy: Suitable for Play and Chewing: Bright Colors: Natural Vegetable Dye: Provides stimulation & entertainment: For Rabbits, Guinea pigs & Chinchillas

  • CHEW TOY FOR DENTAL CARE AND FUN --- For our pet rabbits, a variety of good toys is essential for their very active lifestyle. Providing enough tools for chewing and exploring goes perfectly well with their natural instinct. Rabbit Knot Nibbler by SunGrow is a 3-pc pack of enjoyable toys that your fluffy bunnies would love to chew and gnaw. This also helps in wearing down their incisor teeth. They would love to use this for entertainment while they throw and toss this with their mouths.
  • SERVES AS FOOD DISPENSER --- In order to keep your bunnies healthy, giving them the right diet is critical. This nibbling toy can add more fun in your pet’s eating time. Surprise them with treats by placing carrot and celery sticks inside. This toy also suits well with other small and medium pets such as guinea pigs’, chinchillas, mice and rats.
  • PROMOTES MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STIMULATION --- Naturally active and curious, rabbits need to be occupied at all times. Thick coarse sticks and thinner ones are together in a pack and has small ball inside to keep them interested. This knot toy will allow them to stimulate their minds and keep their claws healthy as they go through sorting and foraging when you place this inside their hutch or in a free ground. As they love to toss and throw, use this toy to have bonding activity with your bunny.
  • ALLEVIATES BOREDOM AND FIGHTS STRESS --- Whenever these furry little hopping animals get bored, they become destructive and depressed. Rabbit Knot Nibbler by SunGrow will keep them busy and levels of destruction can be kept on a bare minimum. The need to chew on things they are not allowed to chew on like furniture will also be prevented.
  • ATTRACTIVE, SAFE AND ALL NATURAL --- Made from all natural wood, this 3.15” chew toy is 100% safe. For coloring, natural vegetable dyes are used which are free from chemicals. The bright colors offer a spectrum of hues that will surely delight your jumpy fellows.

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