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SunGrow Folding Woven Grass House for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Bunnies

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SunGrow Folding Woven Grass House for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Bunnies : Provides Comfort, Warmth & Security by Satisfying Natural Instincts: Multi-Utility, Edible, Non-Toxic, Chew Toy for Small Animals

  • 100% NATURAL, ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY & HAND-WOVEN --- Made from 100% natural raw materials, SunGrow Folding Woven Grass House is completely pet-safe and durable. The Grass House protects your feline’s sensitive paws from wire cage bottoms as they crawl inside. The hand-woven natural grass hideaway serves as a great activity center for your poochie.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & MULTIPURPOSE FOLDABLE GRASS HOUSE --- The stackable and ergonomic design of SunGrow Folding Woven Grass Pet House helps in conserving shelf space. When you fold it, you may use it as their mat as well. Apart from using it as a house and a mat, you can use it for a Treasure Hunt game for your pet. Just hide small treats in-between so that your pet spends time in exploring and foraging.
  • PROVIDES WARMTH, COMFORT, AND SECURITY --- The fantastic 11.8 x 7.8 x9 inches, hand-woven Grass House by SunGrow provides utmost comfort, sense of security and warmth to your small animal. The grass has a natural odor that provides relaxation to your adorable pet. It is a great house that serves exceptionally well for playing and exercising and make it as an incredible nibbling or gnawing toy.
  • SATISFIES NATURAL INSTINCTS TO EXPLORE, BURROW, AND NEST --- Bring home the SunGrow Folding Woven Grass House for your furry friend. It is a fantastic square nesting product for your little feline who would love to chew, rest or nest in. The grass house naturally adds a fun flavor to your playtime with your bunny.
  • EDIBLE, NON-TOXIC & PROMOTES POSITIVE CHEWING BEHAVIOR --- Since the SunGrow Folding Woven Grass House is made of all natural raw materials, it is completely safe when your little one starts feeding or nibbling in their little house. It is absolutely free from plastic parts which make it edible. This house thus promotes and satisfies their natural chewing instinct and keeps the teeth trimmed and healthy.


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