SunGrow Cat Cone Collar Soft, Pet Recovery Elizabethan E Collar Soft Neck Cone to Stop Licking for Cats & Kittens After Surgery, Cat Surgical Recovery Suit for Wound Cover, Puppy Dog & Rabbit Cone ( Pack of 90 )

  An excellent alternative to firm, ugly lampshade-style recovery collar --- The cushioned collar of the SunGrow Pet Recovery Cone is a fine alternative to the recovery collar cones of...
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  • An excellent alternative to firm, ugly lampshade-style recovery collar --- The cushioned collar of the SunGrow Pet Recovery Cone is a fine alternative to the recovery collar cones of yesteryears. Wearing this soft collar, your cute-looking pet can roam freely without feeling its weight. Perfect for happy selfies with your poochie.


  • For faster, quicker recuperation --- For bruised pets, it’s instinctive to bite annoying spots. The pink polka-dotted collar by SunGrow is ideal for this situation. The pretty soft pink cone restricts pets from scratching their stitches, and/or rashes. It also works great for pets with skin conditions and as an effective grooming cone. It recuperates your pet comfortably. Get one for yourself for a speedy recovery of your little ones.


  • Ensures maximum comfort and visibility --- The recovery Cone collar doesn’t interfere with your pet’s peripheral vision or in their ability to drink and/or eat. In fact, they rest more comfortably due to the soft fabric edge. They can lay their head in any position wearing the cone. You can fold it upwards or downwards as per your preference and recovery spot. It won’t hinder them from being too cute.


  • Save money on expensive vet visits --- As pet owners, we know the expense that involves one vet visit. But, now you can save a few dollars if your pooch is suffering from any condition by simply giving him the gift of this pretty collar. Normally, the vet gives you uncomfortable plastic cones which make your pet’s life a little harder. So, save both the misery and the money and buy this gorgeous recovery cone.


  • Adjustable loop-type wrist closure fasteners --- When you put SunGrow recovery collar around your pet’s neck, you can conveniently adjust the collar size with the Loop Type Wrist Closure Fasteners, tighten or loosen as required. Just ensure you have measured the right circumference of your dog’s neck as he recuperates. The cone is ideal for necks measuring 9-10.5 inches (23 - 26 cm) which include large cats and small dogs.



In what scenarios will SunGrow Recovery Cone help my pet?

Our product would come in handy under the following situations -

  1. Mild inflammation of the tissue around the eye caused during cat fight.
  2. Abscess caused by biting or scratching around the neck, front leg, tail, and/or rump area.
  3. Ligament tear or fractured legs.
  4. Any surgery on the face or in the case of a facial skin lesion that cat might scratch.
  5. Suitable in case of eyelid/ear surgery, red bald spots on cat neck and teeth removal.

What is this pet cone made of?

Soft yet strong, the pet medical cone is made with high-quality, durable foam, and soft fabric. The lightweight recovery collar is washable, easy to spot clean, and air dry. Well-stitched and sturdy, the cone does not fall apart easily. Also, when you see your little one sleeping with this, they’ll not have to be in direct contact with a cold, hard surface, but they’d be resting on a soft pillow. With this around their neck, your cat or dog can lay down in a comfortable position while wearing it.

What makes the SunGrow pet cone collar superior to others?

The premium Pet Recovery Cone is one of the cutest cone collars on the market. Unlike hard plastic medical cones, the soft cone from SunGrow does not create disturbing noises when bumped against the wall or floor. Nor do you need to fear it getting punctured unlike in the inflatable cones. This veterinary-tested and approved collar is ideal for injured pets or ones that had undergone surgery. An effective pet cone saves you money in vet bills from pets’ chewing or biting incisions or wounds.

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