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SunGrow Non-Stick Cat Litter Sifter Scoop, Manages Big Clumps of Multi-cat Families, No Wrist Pain or Hand Fatigue, Industrial-Grade Aluminum Alloy, Family Heirloom

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Non-stick Cat Litter Scoop -- 2-Minutes to clean a litter box - Easy sifting with Anti-Scatter sides - Indestructible Industrial Grade Stainless-Steel, family heirloom

  • PERFECTLY SPACED SIFTER --- This perfectly spaced sifter by SunGrow allows the clean pieces of litter to filter through the gaps while you get rid of any unwanted pieces of poop or urine from your cats. With no hassle, you can gently shake from side to side to get rid of clumps, and leave your kitty litter clean and fresh every day.
  • NON-STICK DESIGN --- Instead of getting grossed out by sticky clumps of urine and poop left by your pets, this undesirable task just got a whole lot easier. The non-stick design means that feces and other sticky pieces will slide right off into your litter bag. If you do need to rinse, use a spray bottle with a vinegar mixture or rinse under your garden hose.
  • STURDY DESIGN AND ERGONOMIC GRIP --- It’s a tiresome task to sift through one kitty litter let alone a few if you have multiple cats. The SunGrow Poop Scoop is extremely light weight and the ergonomic 6.5” rubber handle minimizes any hand fatigue. Additionally, the handle won’t bend and flick germy pieces of litter around. The scoop is also designed with anti-scatter sides , so while sifting, it stays inside the kitty litter.
  • CORROSION- AND RUST-RESISTANT STEEL --- How many brittle, plastic cat litter shovels have you been through? Instead of answering, we can assure you that not only is our scoop super durable it’s also rust- and corrosion- resistant due to its stainless steel design. The acidic cat urine will not harm this scooper in anyway and you can keep this kitty litter scoop for a long long time. The flat-edged steel blade can also be used as a hand-held hoe or a garden trowel for gardening.
  • WALL HOLDER FOR POOP SCOOP --- No longer worry about leaving the unhygienic poop scoop lying around. We include a wall hanger for your shovel to keep it out of the way of your pets or children. You can stick the wall mount onto wood, metal or even plastic. Enjoy keeping your home and kitty litter clean and tidy.

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