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Aquarium Moss Decoration (2pcs) by SunGrow

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Aquarium Moss Decoration (2pcs) by SunGrow --- Grow Your Own Mini Christmas Tree Plant - Beautiful Fish Tank Decoration - Grow Aquatic plants, Moss and Other Plants

  • UNIQUE MINI CHRISTMAS TREES --- Do you know anyone with a christmas tree for their fish? You can be the first one to plant little christmas trees in your fish tank and have the most unique, original and creative aquascape. If you stick multiple trees into the substrate it will look especially amazing and your fish will love it too! This package includes 2 Aquarium Tree pieces.
  • STURDY AQUARIUM DECOR PIECE --- The sturdy base is made from non-toxic plastic that can be buried easily into the substrate in your aquarium. It looks like a real wooden tree trunk which just adds to that awesome forest effect.
  • CREATE A BEAUTIFUL FOREST LANDSCAPE --- If you want to create a woodland or forest landscape inside your aquarium then all you need is a few of these tree-shaped decorations to achieve that spectacular look. Place them close together or spaced apart and they will look like real mini trees under the water.
  • EASY TO SET UP --- Simply screw the cone into the tree trunk base. Then take your aquatic moss or plants and wrap them around the cone grid. The final step is to take the mesh and tie it securely around the moss. Watch as the moss grows through the mesh creating the aqua christmas tree
  • GROW YOUR OWN PLANTS AND MOSS --- Some people may think that growing their own live aquarium plants is too complicated, however it is really simple. Use a low-maintenance moss like Java Moss, Flame Moss, Christmas Moss or Phoenix Moss and you will soon have a beautiful lush green aquascape.

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