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SunGrow Chewing Toy for Parrot, Cockatiel, Macaw, Conure, Parakeet, 15.7 Inches Tall by 4 Inches Wide, Edible Chew, Nibbling Keeps Beaks Trimmed, Multicolored Wooden Blocks, 30 pc pack
  • ✔ CHALLENGES YOUR PARROT MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY --- Toys are a necessity for parrots. They provide essential physical activity so that our intelligent feathered pets stay healthy. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow provides opportunities for parrots in the cage which they undertake when living in their native habitat. There are several multi-colored blocks in this single toy to make your bird active. These blocks are arranged in multiple layers to climb and explore.


  • ✔ ENTERTAINING TOY FOR YOUR BIRDS --- A parrot with nothing to do is a prime candidate for behavioral problems. Some parrots tend to be more disruptive during certain times of the year usually during their breeding period. SunGrow’s bird chewing and preening toy is a perfect companion to keep your parrots busy, less disruptive and have more fun hours which keep them active mentally.


  • ✔ EDIBLE CHEW TOY --- It is important for the avian species that we keep something for them to chew on. In their native habitat, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate to them. The wooden blocks chew toy by SunGrow is made from wood and cotton rope. So when they nudge on to their toy, it would keep them content. So if you don’t spot your green cheek outside playing, just hover a little inside. They might be hiding amongst the blocks and savoring them.


  • ✔ RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR BIRD --- The Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow comes with a standard size of 40cm (15.7”) x 10cm (3.9”) and fits well in your beloved feathered pet’s cage. The included metal buckle holds this toy in place. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and medium-sized, conure-sized bird. It is suggested for macaws, African greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Budgies, Lovebirds, pigeons, and a variety of Amazon parrots as well.


Product Description

Studies on multiple species have shown that birds spend an average of more than 9% each day on their maintenance, with more than 92% of that time spent preening. Hence, it is extremely important for the pet birds to get enough opportunities for this. The Chewing Toy for parrots by SunGrow encourages foraging and preening and relieves feather plucking by your beloved feathery friend.

Is There a Toy That’ll Keep My Pet Engrossed All Day Long?

Parrot ownership entails challenges as it is not an easy task to keep our intelligent friend busy and active. Though toys have a large role to play in their total well-being, the question is, where to find ‘that perfect toy’ with which your bird just loves to play? Your search has come to an end with the SunGrow Bird Chewing Toy. It is a natural chew toy with lots of distinctive colored wooden blocks and knots. Birds love to untie cotton rope knots, which satiates their natural urge to chew. This sturdy and durable toy is enough for medium to large birds.

SunGrow Pet Pro Tip:

If in case your bird gets frightened by the new toy, try to put this toy outside the cage for a few days and when the bird gets habitual, keep it inside. Other thing that you might try is by stuffing the insides with a treat. That may be lucrative for some species to forage and find for their food.

SunGrow Pet Facts:

- Preening is how birds keep their feathers clean, waterproofed, and in flying condition and is very important to their survival.

- Birds love playing just like kids! They are intelligent creatures, always on the lookout for something to do rather than just sit around in a cage.

- Birds are able to distinguish colors. Therefore, color makes this wooden toy more attractive and interesting to them.

$299.00 $349.00
Corner Guards for Aquarium Cabinets (20 pcs) - Round, Transparent Corner Protectors - Anti-Collision Protection for Countertops, Fish Tanks & Coffee Tables - Includes 60 Extra Strong Adhesive Tapes

Round Corner Guards for Baby Proofing Your Home --- (20 Pack) Use for Aquariums, Coffee Tables, Countertops and More - Transparent Guards - Edge Corner Protectors - 60 Extra Strong Adhesive Included

  • VALUE PACK OF 20 CORNER PROTECTOR GUARDS --- If you want baby proofing done for your home for your children or grandchildren, then this amazing value pack of 20 protectors will have ALL your corners covered. There are enough for your kitchen table, dining room table, living room furniture and any other corners!


  • ROUNDED CORNER GUARDS FOR KEEPING YOUR BABY SAFE --- When babies are just starting to walk they are a little wobbly, unbalanced and well prone to accidents. Prevent any bangs, scrapes and bruises by placing these rubber corner guards strategically around your home.


  • USE THESE CORNER GUARDS FOR AQUARIUMS --- Perhaps your aquarium juts out slightly with sharp corners or the shelf it stands on is at just the right height for baby to bump into. These transparent corner guards will not only protect your aquarium cabinet from wear and tear, it will also protect babies and toddlers who are not so careful about where they are going.


  • EXTRA STRONG ADHESIVE WON’T FALL OFF --- The extra strong corner guards with 60 adhesive tapes included are simple to apply and will have a very strong sticking quality. The high-quality PVC material is non-toxic and safe for child-proofing your environment. We use these special gel corner guards to give you long-lasting protection, and giving moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas - a peace of mind.


  • TRANSPARENT TO BLEND IN WITH ALL YOUR FURNITURE --- Universal corner guards can be placed on any type of corner. The clear corner guards will blend in with black, white, beige or any other color. This means it’s not eye catching for babies and they won't be attracted to it. They are simply the perfect product for cushioning sharp corners or dangerous edges.
$9.00 $18.95
SunGrow Hermit Crab Food Bowls, 4x3 Inches, Little Huts for Hermies, Great for Bath Basin and Hiding Spots, Half Coco Shell, Perfect Alternative of Plastic Cage, 3 Pack

3 Hermit Crab Bowls --- Half Coconut Shell - 100% Natural Water or Food Bowl - No Hole resists Bacteria buildup - Leakproof & Durable - Perfect for Ice Cream, Holding Soaps & More

  • WONDERFUL WATER BOWL OR FOOD BOWL FOR HERMIES --- This natural water bowl by SunGrow is made from a half of a real coconut. The husk, fibers and coconut meat have been removed to leave a smooth natural bowl! Fill with water or food for your cute little hermit crabs.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT --- Go green with these biodegradable, compostable and sustainable coconut bowls. Additionally, they are completely sealed and won’t leak water which in short will prevent buildup of bacteria. They make an interesting dinner conversation with guests, an amazing prop for Instagram food photos and a perfect housewarming gift.


  • 100% NATURAL & EXTREMELY DURABLE --- The natural hermit crab bowl will blend in with your crabs or reptile environment. Coconut shells are extremely strong and won’t crack like other plastic reptile/hermit bowls out there. Their natural color will simply blend in with your crustaceans’ substrate.


  • PACK OF 3 MULTI-USE COCONUT CONTAINER --- This pack comes with 3 coconut shell bowls. Use them as a catch all container, to hold trinkets, hair ties, keys, rubber bands and many other items. Use for making candles or as a soap dish in the bathroom. You can even drill a hole and tie some twine to create a natural bird feeder.


  • SERVE UP YOUR FAVORITE SORBETS OR ICE CREAM --- Make your house or apartment feel like a Tropical Island when you serve yourself a few scoops of your favorite gelato, sorbet or ice cream inside these coconut shell bowls. If you’re not an ice cream person try using it as a dish for nuts or candies.
$11.95 $16.95
110V Ceramic Heating Lamp - 150W Infrared Heat Emitter Light Bulb
110V Ceramic Heating Lamp --- 150W Infrared Heat Emitter - Energy-Efficient - For Reptiles, Chicks, Terrariums, Pet Brooders, Coops - Infrared Light Bulb
  • PROVIDES MANY HEALTH BENEFITS FOR COLD-BLOODED ANIMALS --- The infrared heat from the SunGrow light bulb penetrates the scales and skin tissue of many reptiles including geckos, tortoises, snakes, bearded dragons, ball pythons and more! The warmth will keep your pets healthy as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation allowing them to stay active.


  • FOR PET BROODERS AND CHICKEN COOPS --- People love using the SunGrow heating bulb to warm their pets on a cold winter's night; to keep their organic chickens, chicks, hedgehogs, outdoor rabbit hutches or indoor cockatiel cages warm. Make sure you use the bulb with a porcelain socket. It is a lamp that includes a cage around the bulb to ensure your pets do not get burned.


  • PROVIDES HEAT WITHOUT TRANSMITTING LIGHT --- 150-Watt Ceramic heat emitters are an affordable way to provide heat for your pets. The don’t emit any light which makes it suitable for daytime and nighttime use, as it won’t disturb your pets’ sleep.


  • HIGH-ENERGY EFFICIENCY --- The ceramic bulb turns the electricity into heat, with no light emission. This makes it much more energy-efficient than regular light bulbs. They can last up to 10,000 hours! The E27 socket, fits all standard home US sockets.


  • SOLID CERAMIC HEATING BULB --- Within 10-seconds, your heating lamp will give off very strong heat. The high-purity ceramic clay ensures its anti-crack and waterproof. This means the bulb is safe to use in humid environments, like terrariums or vivariums.
$12.95 $14.95
SunGrow Collapsible Pet Travel Bowls, Portable Food and Water Feeder for Camping, Travel, Carabiner Clip for Easy Storage, Feed Dog/Cat Anywhere, Anytime, 2-pcs

Collapsible, Portable Pet Travel Bowl -- Food, water feeder for camping, hiking, journey - Food-grade, BPA-free - Carabiner clip for easy storage - Low footprint - Feed dog/cat anytime, anywhere

  • PORTABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & CONVENIENT PET TRAVEL BOWL --- SunGrow Collapsible Pet Bowl is 5.5 inches wide, 3.7 inches deep and 2 inches high. The lightweight pet bowl is great for both indoors and outdoors. While traveling, simply pop up and fold away. Attach it to your glove box, hiking gear or backpack using the included carabiner clip/hook. Expand to use it and collapse to store or transport. The innovative collapsible design saves space and makes traveling easier.


  • ODORLESS & NON-TOXIC --- The usage of high-grade and safe pacifier silicone material does not allow it to dissolve in any solvent or water. As a consequence, it makes the bowl odorless, stable and non-toxic. In any case, the SunGrow Collapsible Pet Bowls do not harm the environment and are completely safe to use by cats and dogs of all ages and sizes.


  • MADE FROM ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL MAKING IT HIGHLY DURABLE --- The Collapsible Pet Bowl by SunGrow is made of lead-free, BPA free, high-grade silicone and is reinforced with hard plastic around the edges. It is a terrific pet supply and you can make use of it as a dog food bowl or cat water bowl. Since this dog and/or cat bowl is made from superior quality raw material, it will not break or deform easily.


  • PET BOWL’S SOFT SURFACE IS EASY TO CLEAN --- The durable silicone construction ensures easy and quick cleaning. To clean the bowl, use any cleaning agent or disinfectant. Simply wipe off or rinse with running water after use. The SunGrow sturdy bowl has undergone high-gloss surface treatment which leaves no dirt on the surface.


  • THE AESTHETICALLY BEAUTIFUL BOWL WITH CARABINER CLIP/HOOK IS A MUST-HAVE PET SUPPLY --- SunGrow Collapsible Pet Bowl is specifically designed keeping those pet owners in mind who take their four legged furry friends everywhere with them. The rounded corners at the edges are designed in such a manner that avoids scratching and enhances the aesthetic beauty of the red bowl.
$10.95 $17.95
SunGrow Coconut Shell House for Hamsters, 14-16 Inches Circumference, Raw Coco Husk, Pet Hiding House, Climber or Chew Toy, for Mice, Rats, Gerbils

Coconut Shell House for Hamsters --- Pet Hiding House - The Perfect Hidey Hole for Mice, Rats, Gerbils - Adds Natural Look to their Home - 100% Natural, Eco-Friendly Climber or Chew Toy

  • LARGE COCONUT HIDEOUT FOR HAMSTERS --- Measuring between 14-16”, the SunGrow Hamster Cage can fit two small pets inside. Watch as your cuddly little hamsters play hide-and-seek taking shelter in this natural coconut husk, with a carved out entrance hole. It’s the perfect hiding spot for hamsters and other small pets to play in.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY HAMSTER HIDING SPOT --- Instead of using plastic tunnels or other artificial toys in your hamsters or other small pets’ cage, use this eco-friendly, 100% natural hamster house. Provide a warm, safe and cosy home for your little friends to take shelter or play in. There are no chemicals, toxins or dangerous pieces for your pets to accidentally ingest.


  • GIVE YOUR PETS PEACE OF MIND --- Sometimes your little furry pets will want to escape to a nice, dark and quiet place of their own. This coconut house is dark and spacious, it provides the perfect place for hamsters to go to sleep in, de-stress and enjoy some quiet time away from the hamster wheel or other distractions.


  • SUITABLE FOR ALL SMALL PETS --- This coconut husk will fit small pets like mice, rats, gerbils, chinchillas, hamsters, lizards, hermit crabs, spiders, snails or even small snakes if you happen to own one. The environment is nice and calming for all these pets and you can place it anywhere in your animals cage.


  • PERFECT FOR CLIMBING OR CHEWING --- Little pets love to scramble and climb over different surfaces, especially when they have a rough textured feel to them. This can help with mental and physical stimulation for small pets. Your pets can also chew on these durable coconut shells which is great for their teeth and oral health.
$11.95 $20.95
SunGrow Non-Stick Cat Litter Sifter Scoop, Manages Big Clumps of Multi-cat Families, No Wrist Pain or Hand Fatigue, Industrial-Grade Aluminum Alloy, Family Heirloom

Non-stick Cat Litter Scoop -- 2-Minutes to clean a litter box - Easy sifting with Anti-Scatter sides - Indestructible Industrial Grade Stainless-Steel, family heirloom

  • PERFECTLY SPACED SIFTER --- This perfectly spaced sifter by SunGrow allows the clean pieces of litter to filter through the gaps while you get rid of any unwanted pieces of poop or urine from your cats. With no hassle, you can gently shake from side to side to get rid of clumps, and leave your kitty litter clean and fresh every day.


  • NON-STICK DESIGN --- Instead of getting grossed out by sticky clumps of urine and poop left by your pets, this undesirable task just got a whole lot easier. The non-stick design means that feces and other sticky pieces will slide right off into your litter bag. If you do need to rinse, use a spray bottle with a vinegar mixture or rinse under your garden hose.


  • STURDY DESIGN AND ERGONOMIC GRIP --- It’s a tiresome task to sift through one kitty litter let alone a few if you have multiple cats. The SunGrow Poop Scoop is extremely light weight and the ergonomic 6.5” rubber handle minimizes any hand fatigue. Additionally, the handle won’t bend and flick germy pieces of litter around. The scoop is also designed with anti-scatter sides , so while sifting, it stays inside the kitty litter.


  • CORROSION- AND RUST-RESISTANT STEEL --- How many brittle, plastic cat litter shovels have you been through? Instead of answering, we can assure you that not only is our scoop super durable it’s also rust- and corrosion- resistant due to its stainless steel design. The acidic cat urine will not harm this scooper in anyway and you can keep this kitty litter scoop for a long long time. The flat-edged steel blade can also be used as a hand-held hoe or a garden trowel for gardening.


  • WALL HOLDER FOR POOP SCOOP --- No longer worry about leaving the unhygienic poop scoop lying around. We include a wall hanger for your shovel to keep it out of the way of your pets or children. You can stick the wall mount onto wood, metal or even plastic. Enjoy keeping your home and kitty litter clean and tidy.
$10.95 $17.95
2 Ceramic Chicken Eggs - Natural Looking 2.75” (7cm) Nest Eggs

2 Ceramic Chicken Eggs --- Natural Looking 2.75” (7cm) Nest Eggs from SunGrow - Encourages Egg Laying and Discourages Pecking & Eating - Great for Broodiness Test and Unique Home Decorations

  • ENCOURAGES HENS TO LAY EGGS IN NESTING BOX --- When a broody hen sees other eggs, she identifies that area as a safe place to lay her own eggs. Place these SunGrow ceramic chicken eggs inside the nesting box to encourage hens to lay eggs in a clean, cozy area instead of on the ground or chicken coop floor.


  • DISCOURAGES BAD HABITS LIKE PECKING --- Occasionally chickens may have bad habits such as eating and pecking at eggs in the nest. Before they have a chance to peck at real eggs, place ceramic eggs in the nest box. Chickens will peck at the ceramic and receive no reward which in turn discourages them from pecking at the actual chicken eggs.


  • USE TO TEST BROODINESS IN HENS --- If you are unsure whether your hens are broody or not, the 2 pack of SunGrow Ceramic Nest Eggs are an excellent way to find out. Place a couple of the realistic looking eggs in the nesting box and wait to see if your hen sets on them. When she does start setting for 3 days or more, it’s time to replace to fake eggs with fertile eggs to be hatched.


  • NATURALLY SIZED AND COLORED --- Approximately 2.75” (7cm) in size, the ceramic eggs from SunGrow are designed to closely replicate actual chicken eggs. Natural chicken eggs vary in color; this particular pair of ceramic nest eggs are a light brown color with a hint of red for authenticity.


  • MAKES BEAUTIFUL DIY HOME DECOR --- Along with being an effective and practical addition to your chicken coop, the durable ceramic chicken eggs look beautiful when used in do it yourself home decor. The raw, organic appearance of these durable eggs is perfect for festival like easter or traditional interior designs, log cabins, farmhouses, and country-themed homes.
$12.95 $15.95
SunGrow Backyard Butterfly Cage Habitat, 24 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide, Collapsible, Pop-up Terrarium, Fine Mesh Stops Predator, 5 Mesh Panels for Ventilation, Large Zipper Opening

Backyard Butterfly Cage Habitat --- 24” Tall, Collapsible, Pop-up Terrarium - Fine Mesh stops Predator – 5 Mesh Panels for airflow - With Large Zipper Opening - Clear window panel for easy viewing

  • STURDY POP-UP CAGE FOR GROWING AND BREEDING BUTTERFLIES --- Now you can experience metamorphosis unfolds before your eyes from your own backyard. Watch how larvae matures and gloriously become beautifully winged creatures with Butterfly Cage by SunGrow. Lightweight yet sturdy, this white with green piping pop-up cage will complement your garden wonderfully.


  • PROVIDES HEALTHY AIRFLOW & GOOD SUNLIGHT --- Composed of 5 mesh panels, it permits good airflow and enough sunlight to pass through. This makes an ideal environment to put your potted host plants while you rear your caterpillars.


  • PREDATOR - SAFE --- You are assured that your terrarium is free from parasitic wasps, tiny ants, and other tiny insects. The panels are made from fine mesh material that can prevent predator insects from entering.


  • WITH LARGE ZIPPER OPENING --- This butterfly shelter also has a large zipper opening which gives you plenty of room to access for care and feeding. The large opening will also make it easy for you when it is already time for butterflies to be released and spread their wings out and explore the world.


  • EASY STORAGE & CLEANING --- When unfolded, this collapsible cage measures 16” x 16” x 24”, you can also flatten this for an easy storage. Made from washable material, you can effortlessly sanitize by adding 10% bleach in your liquid mixture.
$13.95 $26.95


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