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Luffy Marimo Ball Gift Set With Marimo

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Luffy Marimo Ball Gift Set: Marimo Plant Symbolizes Love - Includes a Heart Shaped Bottle - Increase your Love with this small DIY project (packaging material included) - Perfect for someone Special

  • A GREAT DÉCOR FOR HOME & OFFICE --- The Heart shaped bottle by Luffy comes with a DIY kit which consists of Red-Colored Sand, Decorative diamonds, Ribbons,  a Gift tag, Red Packing Bag and Two Marimo Moss Balls. Add in more elements like live plants, marimo balls are perfect to symbolize an eternal love. Don’t forget to add in water to sustain life to your beautiful mini terrarium. Should you wish a lovely décor as a centerpiece for your home or office, you can add more colorful pebbles and beads or dried flowers.
  • EXQUISITE MARIMO MOSS BALLS SYMBOLIZE EVERLASTING LOVE --- Originating in Lake Akan in Japan, natural Marimo moss balls are small, round and green living aquatic plants. Japanese folklore tells a story of forbidden love between a tribal chief’s daughter and a commoner. The young couple metamorphosed into one and ever since the marimo ball has been a symbol of eternal love.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR THE ONE WHO HAS EVERYTHING --- Everyone has that certain someone in their life that is difficult to buy for because they already seem to have everything. The Luffy Marimo Ball Gift Set is that perfect item that can be used as a quirky gift for that someone special. Be it your family, best friend or that special one in your life, the Luffy Gift Set is suitable for everyone.
  • PERFECT FOR AN ENTERTAINING NIGHT WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS --- If you’re tired of playing the same old games with your family or friends, the Luffy Marimo Ball Do-It-Yourself Gift Set is a wonderfully creative and exciting project to do together. Try it out on your next family night or evening in with your partner.
  • ENTERTAINING, QUICK AND EASY ASSEMBLY --- It only takes a few fun-filled minutes to put together the beautiful and amusing Luffy Marimo Ball Do It Yourself Gift Set. Simple and easy assembly is important if a special date (such as an anniversary or birthday) is coming up quickly.
  • LIVING, LONG LASTING AND ECO FRIENDLY --- With proper love and care, beautiful Marimo moss balls can live for as long as 100 years. Once assembled, the exotic Luffy Marimo Ball DIY Gift Set becomes a meaningful family heirloom that can be passed on from generation to generation.

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