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Luffy 6 Hermit Balls - Bright, Green, All Natural Aquatic Plants - Round 0.6" Nano Marimo Moss by SunGrow - for Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium - Maintain Humidity - Supplement Hermit Crab Diets

  • $6.95

  • ✔ HEALTHY SUPPLEMENT TO PET’S DIET --- By instinct, hermit crabs are nocturnal scavengers and will eat just about anything. Although your hermit crabs enjoy vegetables, fruits and fish flakes, it is important to provide them with a well balanced diet. SunGrow Hermit Balls provide your pets with organic micro-organism and nutrients not found in other food sources.
  • ✔ ALL NATURAL, SPHERICAL AQUATIC PLANT --- In nature, marimo moss balls live their lives rolling around on the bottom of lakes and rivers. This natural movement gives the aquatic plant a unique spherical shape. As these are the nano size of hermit balls, they are approximately 0.6” (1.5cm) in diameter.
  • ✔ ORGANICALLY MAINTAINS HUMIDITY --- Many pets like hermit crabs, frogs and snakes thrive and are more active in a moist environment. Hermit crabs in particular, prefer humidity levels of approximately 80%. As the hermit balls naturally hold moisture, they provide ample humidity to keep your high humidity loving pets happy and healthy.
  • ✔ SURVIVES IN BOTH FRESH AND SALTWATER --- Hermit crabs rely on both freshwater and saltwater in their tank or terrarium. As saltwater is closer to their natural beach environment, they love to swim and bath in it. They also need the freshwater to drink. Marimo survive in both water conditions making them perfect for hermit crabs.
  • ✔ FUN ADDITION TO DIY CRAFTS --- The small size of the bright green marimo moss balls make these living pets an excellent and unique addition to creative DIY projects. Easy and safe for children, help them add the marimo to a pretty glass vase with a few colorful stones for a gift to their favorite teacher. Put a few marimo in a wine glass to add a little life to your office desktop.

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