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3 Hanging Light Bulb Plant Pot

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3 Hanging Light Bulb Plant Pot --- Planter Terrarium for Home Refurbishment – Stylish Decor to Purify air – Effortless setup, solid build – Ecological miniature garden - Perfect for small house plants

  • MAKE ROOM FOR MOTHER NATURE – Did you know that well-kept house plants deter illnesses? Plants like succulents and epiphytic bromeliads improve breathing by exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen at night, while flipping those elements in daytime. Viewing plants while recovering from injuries have also shown to speed up recovery and ameliorate physiological responses. Nature helps us work better with reported enhancements in memory, productivity, and concentration simply by being around them.
  • A CONTEMPORARY CONVENIENCE THAT IS RECEPTIVE TO NATURE – Forged with high-quality borosilicate glass created to sustain the strong elements of nature, SunGrow’s plant pots can be “planted” in an assortment of places; whether it be your balcony, home garden, bathroom, kitchen, study, or living room. You'd be hard-pressed to find an easier, better way to improve your quality of life by bringing in the green, bit by bit.
  • A FULFILLING GIFT FOR YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS – Any dull space that needs a good brightening would love to have one (or a few!) of SunGrow pots to enthrall and transform. You won’t go wrong with presenting these little baubles as gifts, especially if a special somebody was looking to renew some living space by letting a little bit of nature shine through. A thoughtful, natural tribute that says nothing but everything at the same time.
  • FITTING FOR A VARIETY OF PLANTS – Younger plants, creepers, grass, shrubs, and miniature ferns would do nicely. Succulents can be well catered for too as long as you don't overwater and keep soil well-drained (except for the desert cacti)! Some examples of easy, light loving flora are the African violet, Golden pothos, Maidenhair fern, and the Button fern. Needs will vary with different species and families, and where you choose to display them!
  • SIMPLE INNOVATION MEETS A SOLID AND RESILIENT BUILD – Made to withstand and minimize the dangers of displaying these units in overhead or high places, SunGrow’s hanging glass bulbs are also engineered to resist heat. You can be sure that wherever you choose to have them stay, you and your loved ones won't have an impending mess or accident to deal with later. We keep terrarium solutions fun and stress-free!

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