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3 Hanging Glass Terrariums by SunGrow - Spherical Air Plant Orb

3 Hanging Glass Terrariums by SunGrow - Beautiful Spherical Air Plant Orb - Handmade, heat-resistant glass - Create refreshing atmosphere in Terrace Garden - For succulents, flowers & colorful stones

  • YOUR IMAGINATION BECOMES INSPIRATION FOR FELLOW GARDENERS --- Get your creative juices flowing with these 3 empty glass globes by SunGrow. You can create the perfect tiny garden scene in your home or office with this heat-resilient orb. Add bromeliads or tillandsia air plants in them and hang in to your kitchen, living room or bedroom and be a source of inspiration to other hobbyists.


  • MINIMAL MAINTENANCE SIMULATES A MINI GREENHOUSE --- These glass terrariums acts like little greenhouses and require minimal maintenance. Simple to use with the hanging loop is attached. Inside the glass ball, the humidity increases, which many plants thrive on, and allows the air inside the ball to recycle water and its own organic matter.


  • REFRESHING AND PURIFYING ATMOSPHERE--- Purify and freshen the atmosphere in your home by adding some beautiful air plants belonging to Tillandsia, Bromeliad family or colorful flowers to your terrarium. Add tranquility and nature to your home by adding plants to these glass orbs. The DIY hanging garden will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.


  • HANDMADE HEAT RESISTANT GLASS--- Even if you live in a frigid climate or the boiling hot desert, these SunGrow products are extremely suitable for you. These handmade glass balls are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures from minus 4 to 302 Fahrenheit.


  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA--- This set of three glass terrariums will make an original and thoughtful gift for a friend, relative or colleague. They will enjoy the DIY aspect of growing their very own indoor garden!
$19.95 $49.95
3 Tabletop Plant Containers - Creates Mini Glass Terrarium Garden

3 Tabletop Plant Containers --- Creates Mini Glass Terrarium Garden - Ideal Spherical Vases for Ferns, Succulents, Air Plants, Cacti - Excellent Gift and DIY Projects - Can Withstand All Seasons

  • DESIGN AN ALL-OCCASION BEAUTIFUL MINI GARDEN CENTERPIECE ---Allow your creative juices flow endlessly with 3 Table Plant Containers by SunGrow. With its easy-access opening, create miniature garden designs with bromeliads, ferns, tillandsia, and other easy maintenance plants. This will make a beautiful accent to any party table during occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries or simply allow yourself to adore the terrarium garden every day and put them as home or office décor.


  • CREATES A RELAXING ZEN AMBIANCE --- Having a scenery of greens in our surroundings always bring a feeling of serenity. The mini terrarium table garden in these transparent glass display globes will allow you to have a glimpse of the relaxing benefits of what the outdoor greeneries can give. Since plants are natural humidifiers, you will also be able to enjoy the natural calmness it can provide to your environment.


  • ELEGANT, MODERN AND MINIMALIST --- These clear spherical vase glasses look very modern and minimalist making it an ideal ornament to all kinds of living spaces. Each measures 3.5 inches in height with diameter of 3 inches. Your limited space will never be a hindrance to turn your green ideas into a beautiful reality.


  • ALL-WEATHER TERRARIUM TABLETOP GARDEN --- You can enjoy your mini terrarium table garden in any weather condition. Made from Borosilicate heat-resistant glass, these compact planter terrarium globes are easy to display whether indoor or outdoor. It has good thermal stability and can withstand temperature from -20'C to 150'C.


  • VERSATILE, MULTI-PURPOSE, EXCELLENT GIFT --- You can simply never run out of various decorative ideas with these versatile glass balls. You can also turn them into candle holders, centrepieces, souvenirs or even a bonding DIY project with family or friends. You can also let others use their creativity as well by sending them as gifts to your equally artistic friends and loved ones.
$11.95 $14.95
2 Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium Glass - Elegant Diamond Shaped Vases

2 Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium Glass --- Elegant Diamond Shaped Vases - Minimalistic, Modern & Stylish Wall Décor - Heat-resistant for All Weather Plant Tankers - Ideal for Ferns, Succulents

  • CREATE AN ATTRACTIVE WALL ACCENT --- A bare wall doesn’t give out too much personality. An accent wall using elegant yet classy decor can create a beautiful focal point to your once plain & boring wall. By using Wall Hanging Plant Terrarium Glass by SunGrow can surely add sophistication to your bedroom, living room or office.


  • SPECIAL DIAMOND-SHAPED HANGING DÉCOR --- The 2-pc pack, diamond-shaped vases can beautify and purify your space elegantly. You can fill them with small plants, ornaments and embellishments to create an eye-catching wall-hanging decoration.


  • DURABLE & SUITABLE EVEN IN EXTREME CLIMATE --- Whether you live in freezing Antarctica climate or as hot as Sahara’s, these glass planters can bear up with such extreme conditions. Made from Borosilicate heat-resistant glass, it has fine thermo stability and can withstand temperatures between -20°C to 150°C.


  • EASY TO INSTALL --- Measures 5.5 inches (length) x 2 inches (width) x 7 inches (height), these transparent modern glass vases are so easy to mount and install. You can hang them on the ceiling or mount unto the wall. The small holes at the back allows you to attach them to any wall using the included mounting clip.


  • VERSATILE --- You can go beyond creating a mini greenhouse of easy-to-care for plants such as small ferns, succulents, grasses, miniature shrubs, and creepers. Put more variety by using white rocks, pebbles and acrylics. Not only ideal for indoor spaces, you can use hang them outdoors by using them as garden decors or wall ornaments for both simple and grand party set-ups as these diamond vases will surely put a dash of elegance and style.


$11.95 $15.95
SunGrow Clear Bowl Aquarium, 1 Gallon, Classic Bowl for Bettas, Create Ideal Centerpieces for Weddings and Other Occasions, 360° View of Aquarium, Centerpiece, or Terrarium, Perfect for Office

Incredibly Durable, Non Toxic Borosilicate Glass Luffy Marimo Bowl : Easy to Care for : Clear Bubble Bowl for Underwater Terrariums and Decorative Centerpieces

  • PERFECT FOR MARIMO MOSS AQUARIUMS --- Customize your very own unique Marimo moss terrarium with the safe, sturdy Luffy Marimo Glass Bowl. Its shape, size and non toxic material make it a perfect home for rare Marimo moss.


  • WORKS FOR AN ARRAY OF DIY PROJECTS --- Along with being used as a Marimo moss aquarium, the glass Luffy Marimo Bowl can be used for a variety of ‘do it yourself’ projects such as floral displays, decorative centerpieces, aquatic terrariums and jewelry vessels. The common shape and convenient size of the Luffy Marimo Bubble Bowl (a height of 5”, abdomen diameter of 6” and a 4” opening) works perfectly as a centerpiece for special occasions such as weddings, showers and birthdays.


  • HIGH QUALITY, RENOWNED BOROSILICATE GLASS --- Used to manufacture kitchen glassware, scientific instruments and aquariums, incredibly durable borosilicate glass is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. It is also non toxic and is more likely to crack than shatter if dropped. So it’s safer than an average glass bowl.


  • EXTREMELY LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CLEAN --- The crystal clear glass surface of the Luffy Marimo Bubble Bowl requires very little maintenance and is quite easy to simply wipe away curious little fingerprints from the exterior of the bowl.


  • VERSATILE AND CAN BE USED REPEATEDLY --- The simple yet versatile borosilicate glass Luffy Marimo Bowl can be used as a fun, kid friendly project at home and then if the need arises, the bowl can quickly be emptied and used for something different like the home of a new family pet.


$14.99 $30.99


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