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Luffy Koi Nobori Windsock Nylon Fish WindSock (24x6”)

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Luffy Koi Nobori Windsock Blue Nylon WindSock (24x6”): Bright Colored Japanese Carp Flag Decoration for Aquarium Lovers & Teachers: Looks Great in Gardens, Restaurants, Pet Shops & School Projects

  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL FOR HISTORY & SYMBOLISM CLASS --- Koinobori, which loosely translates to carp streamer in Japanese, are colorful, decorative windsocks traditionally flown in Japan on the national holiday called Children’s Day (May 5th) and also during many Japanese festivals throughout the year. Children’s Day (previously called Boys’ Day) celebrates the health and happiness of children. Children also take this opportunity to thank and show respect to their parents and teachers.
  • HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE MATERIAL --- Created by stenciling colorful, detailed carp scale patterns onto durable nylon material, the distinctive 24” x 6” (61cm x 15cm) Luffy Koi Nobori Windsock Fish Kite is designed for years and years of use. The materials used are lightweight and UV, stain and weather resistant making this vibrant fluttering flag decoration perfect for outdoor areas like hanging from your roof or in a garden or patio.
  • BOLDLY AND VIVIDLY FEATURES JAPAN’S MOST SPIRITED FISH --- Symbolic of courage and strength, the carp is chosen as the featured creature because it is a strong fish known to battle against incredible odds in order to swim upstream (even up waterfalls) to reach its spawning grounds. Koinobori honor the incredible carp for its determination and strong will and the Japanese hope to pass on those positive traits to their own children.
  • USED IN NUMEROUS JAPANESE FESTIVALS YEAR ROUND --- Along with being flown on Children’s Day, koinobori are flying gracefully in the wind all year round during various festivals throughout Japan. One festival in Tsuetate Onsen (considered the birthplace of the koinobori) has been going on for 40 years and has vivid koi nobori swimming in the air all day and all night. Another festival called Koinobori Village Festival has over 5,000 koinobori flying all at once, which is a Guinness World Record.
  • BEAUTIFUL HANGING ART FOR MANY DIFFERENT LOCATIONS --- More than just a great outdoor decoration for verandas and gardens, the versatile Luffy Koinobori Carp Flag is a gorgeous piece of hanging art for many indoor locations such as a fancy Japanese sushi restaurant or in a child’s bedroom or playroom. It is also a wonderful addition to the classroom where teachers can tell the unique story about the koi nobori and its fascinating history.

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