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2 pcs Bamboo Plant with a Suction Cup

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  • PROVIDES A HEALTHY ECOSYSTEM FOR YOUR AQUARIUM PETS --- You will receive 2 natural bamboo strands with 1 suction cup. More than the undeniable aesthetic value it provides to your aquarium, the live bamboo makes the lives of your aquarium pets stress-free. They love to play and swim around these plants which will keep them away from stress, irritation and boredom. Stress in fishes can be detrimental. Also, this bamboo plant absorbs and keeps nitrate level safe for your betta fish.
  • IMPROVES AQUARIUM WATER --- As you place the 2-stranded plant in your aquarium, it will start growing roots and will help improve the water where your beloved swimming pets live. Expect to see crystal clear water just in a matter of few days. These roots take up nitrate and your live plant becomes a natural filter making the water cleaner and better.
  • A BREATHTAKING DECOR FOR FISH & MARINE LIFE --- Unlike the lucky bamboo that is not a real bamboo, the Luffy Bamboo Plant is a non-toxic, natural, eco-friendly live plant which is an essential component for your pet’s habitat. As a wonderful aquarium accessory, it provides a lush of contrasting greens that enhances the beauty of your fish tank.
  • EASY INSTALLATION TO ACHIEVE AN ORIENTAL AQUASCAPE ENVIRONMENT --- These 6” (length) x 1” (width) low-maintenance plant has a suction cup so you can easily arrange it to create your desired zen and tranquil environment. The suction cup keep your plant in place. In order for the suction cup to work properly, ensure that, you are placing it in an area that is completely dry and totally free of dirt and debris during installation. Also, for the plant to thrive, always make sure to keep the leaves
  • IDEAL WITH MARIMO MOSS BALLS TO CREATE A WONDERFUL AQUARIUM COMMUNITY --- Algae growth is inevitable where there is water and ample light. However, keeping Marimo Plants in the same environment helps prevent excessive algae growth and stops them from growing back. A wonderful aquarium community is not difficult to attain when all components complement and live harmoniously together in one environment.

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