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SunGrow Coco Hut for Aquatic Pets, 3x5 Inches, Made of Raw Coconut, Smooth Edges, Comfortable Hideout, Snag-Free Surface to Keep Fish, Snail and Other Pets Safe, Perfect for Breeding

LUFFY Natural Coco Hut - Eco Friendly, Non-toxic, Made of Real coconut : Smooth Edges, Comfortable & Cute Hideout: Snag-Free Surface to Keep Fish, Snail and other pets Safe: Perfect for Breeding

  • COMFORTABLE - Coco Hut is a perfect hideout for your fish, crabs and other aquarium pets. Its all-natural, eco-friendly material helps recreate the look and feel of their natural habitats, making them happier and healthier aquarium dwellers.


  • NATURAL, NON-TOXIC - Coco Hut is highly suitable for all aquaria and fish tanks. Its organic composition makes it attractive to pets and superior to plastic huts, which may contain toxic chemicals. Also, it affords a terrific, pet-friendly economization of space.


  • MAXIMUM PRIVACY - The single opening on this domed structure fosters a greater sense of privacy and security, making fish more confident, better rested and therefore more likely to breed.


  • IDEAL BREEDING GROUND - Add distinction and natural appeal to your aquarium with the compact, multipurpose Coco Hut. It provides your fish with a home, a hangout, a playground, a hideaway and a spawning ground - all in one. Please make sure to give the Luffy Coco hut a wash with some soap before the first usage to avoid any dirt it might have caught during its journey to you. It has traveled long to become a part of your aquarium.


  • 100% PET SAFE - The Coco Hut is carved by hand with smooth, carefully rounded edges. Snag-free surfaces eliminate rips and tears to delicate fins and tails, ensuring fishes' and other pets' maximum safety, comfort and enjoyment. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water with a bag of activated carbon is a recommended step, too.
$9.95 $17.95
SunGrow Decorative Aquatic Moss Wall or Floor Mesh Kit, Moss Wall or Moss Carpet for Fish Tank (Plant Not Included), Includes 2 Mesh Pieces, 10 Cable Ties and 5 Suction Cups

Decorative Luffy Aquatic Moss Wall/Floor Mesh Kit - Create a Lush Living Plant Moss Wall or Moss Carpet for your Fish Tank (Plant Not Included): Includes 2 Mesh pieces, 10 Cable Ties & 5 Suction Cups

  • BUILD YOUR OWN ENCHANTING MOSS WALL OR MOSS FLOOR --- The innovative Luffy Moss Wall Mesh Kit includes everything you need to set up a beautiful moss backdrop or carpet: 2 pieces of plastic mesh, 10 cable ties and 5 suction cups. If you want a beautiful plant with it too, check out our store for some quality options.


  • NATURAL, LOW MAINTENANCE DECORATION --- Once set up and installed into your aquarium, the Luffy Aquatic Moss Wall Mesh Kit requires little additional maintenance. The moss will grow on its own through the holes in the mesh wall and may need to be trimmed if it gets too overgrown.


  • CAN BE USED WITH VARIOUS TYPES OF MOSS --- Whether you prefer Christmas moss, java moss or some other aquatic plant, the versatile Luffy Moss Wall Mesh Kit creates a stunning natural decoration for your fish tank.


  • TWO DURABLE PLASTIC MESH PIECES --- Two smooth 12” x 8” (30cm x 20cm) plastic pieces of mesh can be sandwiched together with aquatic moss between them to create a stunning moss wall. Each mesh piece has ¼” (0.65cm) big holes for the rich green moss to grow through.


  • EASILY AND SECURELY ATTACHES WITH SUCTION CUPS --- Your luscious moss wall adheres to the glass of the fish tank using commonly used suction cups. For securely holding your moss wall or carpet, ensure that you have clean the glass before placing suction cups. These included adaptable fasteners are easy to attach and remove, making it very simple to relocate the moss wall.
$9.90 $19.90
10 Betta Mineral Balls: Calcium-rich Tourmaline Balls for Perfect Nutrient Balance

10 Betta Mineral Balls --- Calcium-rich Tourmaline Balls for Perfect Nutrient Balance - With Over 30 Beneficial Minerals for Active Fish - Natural Décor for Fish Tank - Beauty with a Purpose

  • ✔ ESSENTIAL FOR PERFECT NUTRIENT BALANCE --- Perfect Health for your bettas is an assurance when you include SunGrow Mineral Beads. These are Tourmaline balls which completes your tropical fish’s mineral requirements including calcium, iron, boron and manganese.


  • ✔ DEVELOPS ACTIVE FISH AND ASSISTS IN REPRODUCTION --- Calcium-enriched, these source of nourishment balls help activate the muscles and develop strong bones. This betta supplement, with its natural healing properties, restores fatigue and can make fish energetic. An agile and active breed also reproduce in higher numbers.


  • ✔ MAKES FISH LIVE LONGER --- 100% Organic and safe, these SunGrow water conditioner balls for Betta help vitalise metabolism and strengthens immune system. Fish develops resistance to diseases which make them live longer.


  • ✔ IMPROVES WATER QUALITY --- Contains both positive and negative poles, these tourmaline balls can de-ionize water which improves the water quality. They absorb toxins and pollutants via ion exchange. These mineral balls are also very rich in calcium and help maintain pH level of the tank safe for bettas.


  • ✔ NATURAL AQUARIUM DECORS THAT ARE ALSO GOOD WITH LIVE DECORS --- Aside from great health benefits, these energy balls for would look great in your tanks too. Its round shape and color fit perfectly to any theme you want to convey by giving a distinct natural look and feel. If you place these balls in substrate near plants, plants will also absorb the elements along with its health benefits.


$15.95 $18.95
Create Beautiful Moss Wall with Luffy Plant Net: Realistic Hang it on The Wall Plant Backdrop - Multifunctional and Easy to Install - Aesthetically Appealing Moss Floor - Makes Tank Cleaning Easy

Create Beautiful Moss Wall with Luffy Plant Net -- Natural-looking Backdrop for Fish Tank - Multifunctional and Easy To Install - Aesthetically appealing moss floor 

  • CREATE AN AMAZING MOSS WALL OR CARPET IN TANK --- Luffy Plant Net by SunGrow allows you to create an amazing natural backdrop using aquatic moss. Moss normally grows faster on the walls because there’s less possibility to have its light blocked by other materials and fish. But, this shouldn’t prevent you from creating a lush moss floor if you want it.


  • SECURES PLANTS AND AVOIDS MESSY LEAVES --- Tiny leaves create a mess in your tank and sometimes create even more mess when they are just seated on the bottom as they grow. Avoid all these by creating a java moss wall to keep everything clean. Plant net assures to secure plants turning a mess to a beautiful background. This works well with Luffy Java Plant Moss by SunGrow and other plant mosses like Riccia and Pellia to various decos such as driftwood, rock and wire mesh.


  • FLEXIBLE & WOVEN MATERIAL --- You will receive a plastic woven mesh which is semi-rigid in nature making it flexible. Welds are not needed when you wish to break it. To secure your moss inside the net, simply use a fishing thread which is invisible to the visual eye.


  • EASY INSTALLATION --- Use it as it is or cut the mesh into two (if needed) where you want your wall to be. Fold in half and simply stuff the moss in between. Secure the net with fishing thread at one corner and make it go around and securely tie the knot in the other end. Once the moss propagates in few weeks and covers all the spaces, you will have a natural looking backdrop wall.


  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL --- Aside from building a beautiful aquarium backdrop, Luffy Plant Net by Sungrow can also be used as Tank Divider to ensure two fishes won’t fight. It can be used as Algae Scrubber Filter material, Shade and even as ramps for semi-aquatic animals such as crustaceans, amphibians, and turtles.
$9.95 $19.99
Luffy Beautify Aquascape Wire Stainless Steel Mesh (5 pcs) - No More Messy/Floating Moss - Rust-Free - Easy to Use with All Aquatic Plants Including Java, Pellia, Riccia, Star & Flame Moss
$12.95 $21.95
SunGrow Mini Catappa Almond Leaves for Fishes, 2 Inches, Replicate Natural Habitat for Betta and Improve Well-Being, Heals and Lessen Stress, Add 1 Piece Per Water Change, 50 Pack
  • ✔ SIMULATES BREEDING ENVIRONMENT FOR SHRIMP --- Several breeds of shrimp have habitats in mountain streams surrounded by overhanging trees and brush, making the area abundant in fallen leaves and plant debris. Adding Shrimp leaves to their tank simulates their environment and gives them the privacy to encourage a thriving breeding habitat. A must-have for all shrimp breeders, these provide a secure shelter for adult shrimp and a convenient hiding spot for baby shrimp.


  • ✔ DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS TREAT FOR YOUR SHRIMP --- A few days after you place the shrimp leaves in the tank, they will slowly sink to the bottom. As they sink, they soften on which shrimp love to graze on. The nutritious food provides a balanced diet and protein and aids in building your shrimp’s immune system. Shrimp love this delicious treat and will eat the leaves right down to the skeleton.


  • ✔ RAW SHRIMP LEAVES --- For the most beneficial addition to your shrimp tank, the SunGrow Shrimp Leaves are the purest and a healthy choice. While products available in the market may or may not be genuine, the Giant catappa leaves are unprocessed. They vary in size with lengths of 1-2”. If you have a smaller tank or varying size tanks, you can tear up the larger leaves into smaller pieces.


  • ✔ A MUST-HAVE FOR SHRIMP KEEPERS --- These Indian Almond leaves are essential in keeping your shrimp healthy and happy. These leaves have beneficial properties that help in calming your shrimp (particularly important if you are introducing more or moving them).


  • ✔ HANDPICKED FOR OPTIMUM QUALITY --- If you pick the leaves outside, you cannot be sure of the quality they might have. The catappa leaves are guaranteed to be genuine. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water is a recommended step, too.



These must-have leaves are preferred for bubble nests for tropical fish and anchoring their eggs. Your fish, frogs, and shrimp will love hiding under them and pushing them around. Your pets will perk up with interest when you surprise them with these leaves. Best of all, these leaves don’t require any sunlight or a special substrate.

How Many Leaves Will I Get?

You will receive approx fifty catappa leaves. This is a raw product and each leaf is unique in size, shape, and shade. These amazing leaves will be approximately 2” or 5 cm in length, ideal size for shrimp tanks. This generous and economic package will make keeping your water and shrimps happy a breeze.

How Do I Prepare The Leaves For My Tank?

The Indian Almond leaf needs zero maintenance and very little prep before going into your aquarium. For optimal results, rinse the catappa leaves and then boil them for ten minutes. That’s it, your zero-effort water conditioning leaves are ready to decorate your tank.

$6.95 $25.95


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