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Natural Seagrass Edible Chew Mat for Rabbits, Cats, Birds and Other Small Animals

SunGrow Natural Seagrass Edible chew mat for Rabbits, Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs and Rodents by Ideal as Bed for Extra Comfort - Pet Loves chomping, Gnawing and Digging on Hand-Woven Sturdy Grass mat 

  • ✅ 100% NATURAL AND HAND-WOVEN --- SunGrow Seagrass Mat is a highly sustainable 11 x 7 x 0.5 inches mat for pets including guinea pig, rabbits, dogs, chinchillas, goffins, hamsters, cockatoos, cats, grays, amazons, eclectus, and macaws. It is made from 100% natural and eco-friendly seagrass fibers. This can also be placed inside a cage, due to its small size.


  • ✅ SAFE, EDIBLE & ALLERGEN-FREE --- If your bunny loves to dig and chew, the all-natural SunGrow seagrass mat is ideal. Even the birds love foraging on these mats. This mat doesn't contains any toxins and is virtually allergen-free. So, bring home the SunGrow mat and keep away from dust and diseases.


  • ✅ EXTREME RESISTANCE TO WATER --- As seagrass are found in marsh wetlands, they are virtually non-porous. Cleaning stains from the SunGrow seagrass mat is always a breeze and its water absorbent properties make it all the more durable. If your pet pees on it, simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and it will completely neutralize and absorb the odor.


  • ✅ MULTI-UTILITY PLAY-MAT --- Allow your creative juices to be flowing with the SunGrow seagrass mat. You can use it as a great bedding option or use as a sugar glider toy or a foot toy. Hide small treats in between the layers and your pet will love spending hours exploring, foraging and chewing. You can also tie some strings at the ends of the mats and make a natural hammock for your hamster cage.


  • ✅ SAVE EXPENSIVE ARTIFACTS, CARPETS & FURNITURE FROM THE DAMAGE --- The growing pets love munching on practically anything and everything from carpet to furniture. To stop them, bring home the SunGrow seagrass mat and they will never look back at your furniture.
$12.95 $22.95
SunGrow DIY Paintable Bird House with Porch, Attracts Small Birds, Craft for Kids, Home Decor, Beautiful Gift for All Ages, Hang Bird Feeder Indoors or Outdoors, 1 pc

SunGrow Wooden Birdhouse: Fun DIY project for Kids: Double entrance for Easy cleaning: Small perch for birds to sit on: Easy to hang

  • SWEET LITTLE WOODEN HOME FOR BIRDS--- This sweet little wooden home will make a wonderful addition to your garden. Little birds will flock to feed in this cozy natural birdhouse.


  • FUN DIY PROJECT FOR KIDS --- Introduce your kids to the wonders of nature through this DIY birdhouse. The plain wood house can be painted, stained and decorated in so many different ways! Let your kids’ creativity fly.


  • PERCH FOR BIRDS---Hang this little wooden birdfeeder from a sturdy branch with the use of the loop provided. The little perch is the perfect place for small birds to sit and feed.


  • TWO ENTRANCE-WAYS --- This cozy little bird feeder features two entranceways. A small pigeon hole on one side and a sweet little door on a hinge on the other side. Great for birdwatching and easy cleaning.


  • MULTIPURPOSE--- You can use this birdhouse in your garden by hanging it on a sturdy branch. It can also be placed on a ledge, hung on your balcony, or as a center piece in a miniature fairy garden ; the choice is all yours.
$14.00 $21.95
Effective CO2 Generator Kit by SunGrow - Includes caps, valves, 3-way Connector, Tubing & Pressure Gauge.

DIY Pressurized CO2 System - Effective CO2 Generator Kit by SunGrow - Includes caps, valves, 3-way Connector, Tubing & Pressure Gauge. Creates a Healthy Underwater Habitat for Aquatic Plants and Animals

  • INCLUDES EQUIPMENT NEEDED TO DO IT YOURSELF --- In order to build an effective and efficient pressurized CO2 system, there are a few pieces of equipment that are absolutely necessary. The SunGrow DIY CO2 Generator Set includes two caps (that perfectly fit common PET plastic bottles), needle valve, check valve, a pressure gauge, a 3-way connector and 6 feet of 6mm tubing. You simply have to use 2 carbonated beverage bottles, a reaction material and connect it to a diffuser.


  • GENERATES ESSENTIAL CO2 FOR A HEALTHY HABITAT --- Fish and aquatic pets release cO2 when they take in the dissolved oxygen from the aquarium water and plants absorb that co2. Carbon dioxide is essential to the photosynthesis process and sometimes fish alone do not generate enough Co2. A pressurized DIY CO2 system adds the needed gas to your water.


  • COST-EFFECTIVE & SAFE TO USE --- Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive CO2 diffuser set-ups, save money by creating your own do-it-yourself CO2 generator. The basic principle behind the pressurized CO2 diffuser kit is to create a continuous supply of pure carbon dioxide by causing two different liquids to create with one another. The DIY solution is a cost-effective and satisfying way to add essential CO2 into your aquarium water.


  • EASY TO READ, SPECIALIZED PRESSURE GAUGE --- The SunGrow DIY CO2 Generator Set comes complete with a high-quality, specialized pressure gauge. The metal pressure gauge clearly shows the level of CO2 gas on a scale which indicates a safe area. An accurate CO2 reading gives you the chance to make adjustments or relieve pressure before there are any negative effects on your aquarium inhabitants.


  • CREATE HOMEMADE DRINKS AS AN ADDED BONUS --- Obviously the DIY Pressurized CO2 Kit is designed to add and control the amount of CO2 available to your fish and plants, but there is a bonus to creating your own CO2 generator. Instead of using baking soda or vinegar as your reaction material, use yeast and grape juice (or yeast and malted barley) to create homemade wine and beer.
$12.95 $24.95
50 Feet Aquarium Airline Tubing --- Soft Air Pump Hose for Fish Tank Accessories - Supports Marine & Freshwater Tanks - For Air & Water Pumps, Filters, Indoor Garden, Hydroponics, DIY CO2 Diffusers

Rhinox Airline Tubing, 2 Check Valves & 3 Suction Cups included: 6 Feet in length, Standard fit for all aquariums air pump, BPA Free

  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED C02 RESISTANT TUBING--- Generic tubing usually loses up to 30% of c02 due to permeability, but the Rhinox Co2 resistant tubing ensures that you won’t lose any of the Co2 being pumped into the aquarium.


  • DURABLE DESIGN---- The tubing is thick, durable and long lasting. It measures 0.15”, diameter 0.24”. It can also be used for indoor gardens, hydroponics and of course fresh and saltwater aquariums.


  • FLEXIBLE AND KINK FREE--- This tubing is easy to handle and set up due to the flexibility of the tubing. The Rhinox tubing will remain kink free and soft.


  • BLACK COLOR HIDES ALGAE--- The black color of this co2 proof tubing is smart, because it will hide any algae if present.


  • CONNECTS TO REGULATOR--- This tubing will fit onto your co2 regulator which is connected to the diffuser. To ensure optimal co2 levels for your plants and fish
$9.95 $14.95
12 Pcs Mylar Cat Crinkle Balls by SunGrow: 1.5-2 Inches, Shiny and Stress Buster Toy, Lightweight and Suitable for Multiple Cats' Play, Ideal for Kittens and Adult Cats

12 Mylar Cat Crinkle Balls by SunGrow : Shiny with Interesting Crinkly Sounds : Keep pets Entertained for hours: Soft, lightweight and fun toy for both Kittens & Adult Cats : Safe for your kitty

  • SHINY MYLAR TEXTURE--- The Mylar material has a reflective metallic surface similar to aluminum foil. It’s shiny, yet soft and is very attractive for your cat.


  • CRINKLY SOUNDS--- Your kittens and cats will go wild for these little crinkle balls. Their sensitive ears will pick up the crinkly sound the ball makes every time they play and pounce on it.


  • INTERACTIVE AND ENGAGING--- These SunGrow Mylar crinkle balls will keep your cats entertained for hours. Giving them exercise and an outlet, which will make even the most bored cats happy!


  • SMALL SIZE SUITABLE FOR ALL CATS--- The ball measures 1.5 inches, making this toy perfect for all sized cats. Watch as your littlest kitten or aging feline enjoys pouncing and chasing these crinkle balls.


  • BRIGHT AND SAFE COLORS--- These crinkle balls come in a variety of bright metallic colors that are completely pet safe. Even when immersed in water, the dyes will not come off.
$11.95 $14.95
SunGrow Birdhouse, 0.5-Pound, Provides Bird Entertainment in Your Own Backyard, Comfort Area to Rest and Nest Holes Good Ventilation, Heart-Shaped Wood Hut

Heart Shaped Birdhouse - Decorative Rough Wood - Little Log Cabin Birdhouse - Perfect Gift for Newlyweds, Engagement , Housewarming , Honeymoon - Love Shack for Love Birds - Wooden Bird Feeder

  • ADD A RUSTIC TOUCH TO YOUR HOME --- This heart shaped birdhouse will add a rustic, pastoral vibe to your home decor. Place on a shelf in your kitchen or living room as a unique decorative piece. The flat solid base allows the little hut to sit on any flat surface.


  • PERFECT LITTLE WOODEN BIRD FEEDER --- The birdhouse features a unique opening at the back which you can move aside in order to fill the hollow cavity with bird seed and crumbs. Watch as little robins, sparrows and finches sit on the little perch and feed from your bird feeder.


  • IDEAL GIFT FOR NEWLYWEDS AND LOVEBIRDS --- This romantic heart shaped miniature log cabin by SunGrow will make a great gift for a newlywed couple. The adorable sign reads “Welcome Love Birds” and it has a name plaque called the love shack - you can’t get more lovey dovey than that.


  • REAL MOSS TRIM AND ROUGH WOODEN LOGS --- The real moss trim and rough split wooden logs make this birdhouse look like a handmade, vintage piece. You can even use this at Christmas time to add that wintry, cozy feel to your window ledge and home.


  • EASY LOOP FOR HANGING IN YOUR YARD OR BALCONY --- Easily hang this birdhouse using the rope hanging loop attached to the little roof. Hang from a tree branch, nail or hook. Decorate your yard, front garden, porch and patio with this country style heart shaped home.
$15.99 $32.99
SunGrow Bird Cage Hammock Swing, 11.82-inches by 5.12-inches by 3.94-inches, Pet Hanging Toy, Perfect for Parakeet, Finch, Canary or Small Parrot, Fits Big Cage Perfectly

Colorful, Environmentally Friendly SunGrow Pet Bird Swing - Durable, Bite Resistant play toy - Perfect for Training or Entertaining your Parakeet, Finch, Canary or Small Parrot

  • PROVIDES A UNIQUE MIX OF COMFORT & FUN THAT LASTS ALL DAY --- The exciting SunGrow Bird Swing Toy guarantees to provide your beloved flying pet hours and hours of entertainment. Pet birds of any age fit beautifully on the perfectly sized swing making it comfortable and fun for them to swing all day long.


  • GIVES YOUR PET BIRD A MENTAL AND PHYSICAL WORKOUT --- Durable and sturdy, the SunGrow Bird Swing is the perfect place for your feathered pet to rest or get a workout by swinging and climbing around. Grab a treat and train your bird to fly to his resting place for his mental and physical stimulation.


  • BITE RESISTANT AND 100% PET SAFE --- Not only is the SunGrow Pet Bird Swing Toy enjoyable and cozy, it is made with durable, food grade materials making it both bite resistant and pet safe. Pet birds of all types love to peck and chew; this gives them a convenient, harmless place to do that.


  • IDEAL SIZE FOR A VARIETY OF PET BIRDS --- Dangling from a 11.8” long (30cm) sleek silver metal chain, a 5.12” x 3.94” (13cm x 10cm), hammock style wood swing hangs ready for your cockatiel, lovebird, parakeet or any other small to medium size feathered friend to sit on and sway all day.


  • BRIGHT BOLD COLORS ADD VITALITY TO YOUR HOME --- The vividly colored, vegetable dyed wood SunGrow Bird Swing looks great inside or outside of your pet’s cage. The swing easily installs into most bird cages and the brilliant rainbow of colors adds a bright playful energy to any area of your home.
$9.95 $19.95
SunGrow Backyard Butterfly Cage Habitat, 24 Inches Tall by 16 Inches Wide, Collapsible, Pop-up Terrarium, Fine Mesh Stops Predator, 5 Mesh Panels for Ventilation, Large Zipper Opening

Backyard Butterfly Cage Habitat --- 24” Tall, Collapsible, Pop-up Terrarium - Fine Mesh stops Predator – 5 Mesh Panels for airflow - With Large Zipper Opening - Clear window panel for easy viewing

  • STURDY POP-UP CAGE FOR GROWING AND BREEDING BUTTERFLIES --- Now you can experience metamorphosis unfolds before your eyes from your own backyard. Watch how larvae matures and gloriously become beautifully winged creatures with Butterfly Cage by SunGrow. Lightweight yet sturdy, this white with green piping pop-up cage will complement your garden wonderfully.


  • PROVIDES HEALTHY AIRFLOW & GOOD SUNLIGHT --- Composed of 5 mesh panels, it permits good airflow and enough sunlight to pass through. This makes an ideal environment to put your potted host plants while you rear your caterpillars.


  • PREDATOR - SAFE --- You are assured that your terrarium is free from parasitic wasps, tiny ants, and other tiny insects. The panels are made from fine mesh material that can prevent predator insects from entering.


  • WITH LARGE ZIPPER OPENING --- This butterfly shelter also has a large zipper opening which gives you plenty of room to access for care and feeding. The large opening will also make it easy for you when it is already time for butterflies to be released and spread their wings out and explore the world.


  • EASY STORAGE & CLEANING --- When unfolded, this collapsible cage measures 16” x 16” x 24”, you can also flatten this for an easy storage. Made from washable material, you can effortlessly sanitize by adding 10% bleach in your liquid mixture.
$13.95 $26.95
SunGrow 1 Betta Cave & 50 Mini Catappa Almond Leaves Combo, Strengthens Scales and Improves Breeding Chances, Maintains Water Quality, Real Coconut Shell & Raw Leaves, Miracle Leaves That Lowers pH

SunGrow Betta cave: Natural habitat made from coconut shells: Soft-textured smooth edges & spacious hideout for Betta fish to rest and breed: Maintains water quality and pH levels

  • BEST PRIVATE BREEDING HIDEOUT: SunGrow betta cave provides privacy for the betta’s to breed more. The single opening of the dome-shaped coconut shell fosters a sense of safety, privacy, and security to the betta fish.


  • BETTA FISH CARE ESSENTIAL: The unique thing about this cave is that it is made from real coconut shell which provides similar natural habitat of Thai rice paddy fields (the natural home of betta). It is ideal for Betta fish to feel homely and get adjusted to the aquascape.


  • MAINTAINS WATER QUALITY & pH LEVEL: Since the cave for the betta fish is a natural coconut shell, it maintains the pH level in the aquarium. The normal range lies between 6.5 and 8. Betta fish aren’t fussy even when the water quality is poor or if the tank has a high level of toxins, but it can cause infections to your lovely pet. So, stay safe with the betta cave!


  • SPACIOUS, COMPACT & ENCOURAGES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: It is this coconut shell that provides a lot of space for fish to play and maneuver, yet it takes a small space inside the tank. The fish can conveniently swim in the swimming area that promotes their physical activity.


  • PERFECT SMOOTH-TEXTURED EDGES: It is completely safe for the delicate betta fish fins. Any rough edge can harm their fins easily, but not with the SunGrow Betta Cave because the cave is handmade and shaped to give smooth edges. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water with a bag of activated carbon is a recommended step, too.
$11.45 $17.95
Mineral Rocks - Provides Calcium - Absorb Toxic Chemical & Stabilize pH in Water
Mineral Rocks - Doubles the Survival Chances of Fry - Boost Immunity, Stronger & Larger Fins with Improved Parasite-resistance by Providing Calcium - Absorb Toxic Chemical & Stabilize pH in Water


  • PROVIDES SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR FISHES TO LIVE, MATE & BREED --- With their textured surfaces, rounded edges and subtle earth tones, SunGrow mineral rocks create the look and feel of fishes’ natural habitats, providing a safe and stimulating environment in which to live, mate and breed.


  • IMPROVED COLOR, HEALTHIER SKIN, SKALES & SKELETAL SYSTEM --- Multifunctional, and economical, the health booster rocks nourish, cure, and cleanse the aquarium fish. Every pack contains a few pieces of mineral rocks (0.5 inch on an average) One pack is enough for a 14 gallon tank and lasts for a good 4-6 months. So it's not at all heavy on your pocket.


  • SUPPLIES ESSENTIAL MINERALS & TRACE ELEMENTS --- A critical constituent of the natural habitat and ecosystem of fish so lacking in captivity, these unique 100% natural rocks are packed with over 60 essential minerals and trace elements, promoting their well-being, fertility and longevity. It is said that it increases egg production and results in fry survival rate.


  • LENDS NATURAL LOOK & FEEL TO AQUARIUM & BOOSTS IMMUNITY --- These slow-releasing, nutrient-rich rocks are effective for up to six months, delivering fish the minerals and trace elements they need to optimize their digestion and bolster their immune systems.


  • PURIFIES & IMPROVES AQUARIUM WATER --- Thanks to their unique stratification and composition which give them natural filtering abilities through ionic exchange, water purifiers help cleanse aquarium water of harmful bacteria, algae fungi, parasites and toxins, ensuring fish a healthier aquatic environment. They also benefit aquarium hydrophytes by converting fish waste into mineral-rich manure.
$15.95 $19.90
100-Count Wet Wipes, Fresh Apple Scented Deodorizing Pet Wipes, Leaves Coat Shiny, Mildly Fragrant, Hypoallergenic, Recommended for Everyday Use, Convenient, Economical Pet Grooming Solution

SunGrow Pet Deodorizing Bath Wipes -- Fresh Apple Scented Deodorizing Pet Wipes - Leaves Coat Shiny - Mild, Gentle, & Recommended for Everyday Use - Convenient and Economical Pet Grooming Solution

  • KEEPS YOUR PET FRESH ALL DAY LONG --- With SunGrow Pet Wipes, your precious pet won't just look good and feel good, but will smell good too! Instead of that characteristic smell most of us will recognize almost immediately, why not have your little furball smell of fresh apples?


  • CONVENIENT & COMPACT --- A simple solution to the common problem of small messes: when it's not quite time or the occasion to give your pet a full bath, yet some care and cleaning is still called for. This super thoughtful 100-pack of pet wet wipes is easily taken along with you anywhere for anytime.


  • VERSATILE & LEAVES THE PET'S COAT SHINY --- One product with many purposes. These bath wipes are not just for cleaning your little one's coats, but can also be used to mop up any trouble they may cause! With caring ingredients that won't bother your darling, these wipes are great to use all over their bodies.


  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY --- Giving your pets a simple wipe down instead of drawing a bath and giving them a full shampoo really shaves off the minutes (or hours!), don't you think? Not having to fill up a pet tub and use pet shampoo (which is usually more expensive) also ensures more of your hard-earned cash stays in your pocket!


  • ALCOHOL-FREE SANITISATION --- You can be sure of mild, effective, and irritant-free bath wipes as these were made to get the job done with an alcohol-free formulation. Have your pet's' happiness shine through with a glossy coat and bright eyes as they stay healthy and feel great with anti-bacterial protection from SunGrow.
$11.99 $14.99
20 ft. Long Split Wire Loom Tubing by SunGrow - Made from Heat-resistant corrugated Plastic pipe

20 ft. Long Split Wire Loom Tubing by SunGrow--- Protect Wires From Rabbits, Cats and other pets - Efficiently manages open cables - Made from Heat-resistant corrugated Plastic pipe

  • MAKE YOUR HOME SAFE FOR YOUR BUNNY RABBITS --- Pet safety should be a priority and prevention is the best way to keep rabbits, kittens, puppies, birds and other pets safe in your home. Inserting this split wire tubing around your wire can prevent your pets causing electrical fires, electrocution, burns or even strangulation. Don’t wait until it’s too late, cover your wires today.


  • PROTECT YOUR WIRES FROM CHEWING PETS --- Rabbits, cats, dogs, and other pets can be very sneaky and curious creatures. Having a simple piece of tubing around your wires can be a way to prevent your pet bunny or puppy from having a chew on them. Take away the temptation by covering any loose wires or cable around your home.


  • VERSATILE CABLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION --- Polyethylene slit piping is one of the best ways to hold groups of wires in position and protect the wires against, chewing, abrasion and crushing. The split runs along the entire length of the loom, which makes wire insertion easy. Once the wire or cable is inserted, the split remains closed, you can always open it to add more cable to the bundle if needed.


  • HEAT-RESISTANT AND FLAME RETARDANT --- This length of plastic piping has a temperature resistance of -40 ℃ - +110 ℃. and passed the UL 94 V0 flame test. This can help prevent and minimize damage from electrical fires, or heating up of any cables or wires around your home.


  • 20 FEET OF PIPING CAN BE CUT TO SIZE ---- With 20 Feet of split loom tubing, you will have more than enough to cover cables and wires in your home, garden or perhaps in your office. You can cut this slit loom to any size and use for computer leads, Television cables and any other electronic device in and around your home.
$15.90 $18.95


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