JOR Tourmaline Balls for Betta, Over 30 Beneficial Elements, Calcium-Rich Fish Nourishment, Beads for Active Fish, Aquarium Décor, 20 Balls/Pack
  • ✔ FOR ACTIVE FISH --- Calcium-enriched, these sources of nourishment balls activate the muscles and develop strong bones. This betta energy ball, with its intrinsic properties, restores fatigue and makes fish energetic. An agile and active breed also multiply in higher numbers.


  • ✔ ENHANCES WATER QUALITY --- These gray balls purify water. These balls are also rich in calcium and help maintain the pH level of the tank for bettas and other tropical fish.


  • ✔ MAKES FISH LIVE LONGER --- When bettas consume our water conditioner balls, they are healthier and make them live longer.


  • ✔ AQUARIUM DECOR THAT COMPLEMENTS LIVE DECOR --- Aside from great health benefits, these energy balls would look great in your tanks too. Its round shape and color fit perfectly to any theme you want to convey by giving a distinct look and feel.


  • ✔ ESSENTIAL FOR OVERALL FISH DEVELOPMENT --- Perfect health for your betta is an assurance when you include Jor Beads. These are Tourmaline balls which completes your tropical fish’s food requirements including calcium, iron, boron and manganese among 30 other elements.


Product description

Keeping a healthy tank should not really be a challenging task either for first time or seasoned fish hobbyists. One just needs to know all the essential elements that can assist you in doing so without being so paranoid about your betta’s condition. Jor’s calcium-enriched gray beads (20 pcs) for Betta can help in achieving that healthy tank you always aspire of.

Composed of all the essential minerals that your betta pets need like iron, boron and manganese, these are also calcium-enriched Tourmaline balls that can deliver an infinite number of benefits. They not only provide the right nourishment for your bettas, but also helps in keeping their habitat clear. With its raw beauty, these mineral balls will surely beautify your tank too. Definitely a beauty with a purpose!

For best results, ensure to prepare your tank properly before putting these magical beads. Open and soak the balls in a separate water container for about 2 hours. You are now ready to put them in the fish tank. Per 14 gallon of water, you can put 8-10 Jor calcium balls and change them every three months.

JOR Bloodworm for Betta, Freeze-Dried Treats for Siamese Fighting Fish and Other Aquatic Pets, Perfect for Picky Eaters and Breeding Tanks, 0.52 oz per Pack
  • ✔ NUTRITIOUS ENERGY SNACKS FOR BETTAS --- A tasty snack, Freeze dried Bloodworm for Betta by Jor offers an energy-packed diverse diet to your vibrant fish. This pack contains a healthy blend of fat, and fiber that supports Siamese Fighting Fish's energy requirement.


  • ✔ ENCOURAGES BREEDING --- An ideal healthy addition to your tank, it conditions your bettas’ aquarium water by mimicking the abundance of food during the breeding season. Bloodworms also provide essential energy during spawning and early growth stages.


  • ✔APPETIZING TREAT FOR PICKY EATERS ---Bloodworms are not called "ultimate baitfish" for nothing. An all-time hit, 99% of fish will find them deliciously tempting, including picky eaters. Use them only as a treat or as a supplement to your pet's regular diet.


  • ✔ ENJOYABLE HYGIENIC MEALS --- Your bettas will appreciate that these Bloodworms float at the top of the tank. They will enjoy the feeling of hunting and will consume them immediately without affecting the tank water. The freeze-drying process locks in all the elements and keeps them away from stuff that may put a toll on your pet's health condition.


  • ✔ EASY TO USE AND STORE --- This pack of half ounce bloodworms come in a convenient Ziplock bag with a secure and resealable locking top. If your bettas are cohabitating with bottom dwellers such as Loaches, Eels, or Plecostomus and want to feed them with these treats, soften them first by soaking the bloodworms for around ten minutes before adding to the tank.

Product description

Healthy Diversity
Bettas, being carnivorous fish, need a rich diet. In the wild, they live by consuming fallen insects or aquatic worms. This diet requirement is something that every betta keeper should replicate. A varied diet regimen can keep your Siamese Fighting Fish healthy and energetic. Feeding Bloodworm for Betta by Jor is a good way to offer a diverse yet energy-rich diet to your pets.

This pack has the essential requirement as listed below:

Vitamins – helps keep bettas resilient to illnesses
Trace Elements – assists in fluid regulation
Essential Elements – energy-provider and aids in building bones and tissues

The process of freeze-drying also keeps the trace elements intact and, at the same time, takes away adverse elements present in live bloodworms. Since they are lightweight, they float, so it is advisable to soak them in a little water before adding to your tank. Your fish will enjoy surface feeding before they finally settle in.

Too Much of Anything is Not Good
Just like any food, anything more than necessary is not good for their health. Control their food intake and do not overfeed them. You have the freedom to limit your serving as this pack of healthy treats is in a convenient Ziplock bag. You take a piece or two during every mealtime then re-seal. The freshness and quality will stay intact for the next meal serving. Your bettas will keep on eating if there's a chance to do so. Feed your bettas in the morning and at night, or at least have 12 hours in between, to allow your fish to digest the food they consumed before the next meal. Remember to use these bloodworms as treats to offer variety in their diet but never as a staple food for your fish. You can use them to replace one or two meals a week and serve one or two pieces per meal.

JOR Alder Cone Water Conditioner for Betta Fish, Creates Native Habitat, Relieves Stress, Serves As A Nursery and Food Source, Lowers Water pH, Can Be Used in Filter Or Freely in Aquarium, 60 pcs
  • ✔ CREATES TROPICAL HABITAT --- Plants drop debris into rivers, ponds, and lakes. This debris is part of your betta’s native habitat and most debris contains beneficial properties. Alder cones contain a beneficial substance that creates blackwater (or teawater). Blackwater is essential for tropical fish because of its many benefits.


  • ✔ BEAUTIFUL VIBRANT FINS AND SCALES --- Blackwater relieves stress in tropical fish in two unique ways. It adds a tea color to water which is soothing to tropical fish and it helps in the production of your fishes’ epithelial layer (or slime layer) that shields fins and tails from tearing, snagging, and unwanted nasties.


  • ✔ ONE-OF-A-KIND DECOR --- Each alder cone is like a snowflake-unique to itself. Adding JOR Adler Cones to your aquarium creates interest and visual appeal. Your Odessa barb or plecos will enjoy pushing the cones around and foraging on them. But, if the cones aren’t to your tastes, you can still give your fish the benefits of alder cones by adding them to your filter.


  • ✔ FAVORITE OF TOP BREEDERS --- Shrimp breeders know how important JOR’s alder cones are to successful breeding and raising fry. JOR alder cones are essential for creating the right habitat that promotes breeding and successful hatching. And JOR cones are the ideal nursery. Fry can hide within the cones and munch on food debris and microfilm on the cones.


  • ✔ LOWERS pH --- Bettas, shrimp, catfish, cichlids, and plecos all need water with a specific pH. These tropical fish, in general, need a pH between 6.8 and 7.6. Bettas thrive in a pH of 7. JOR alder cones is the perfect way to create the right pH habitat for your aquarium.

Product description

How Do I Use JOR Alder Cones?
Using JOR Alder Cones is very easy. When you first get your JOR alder cones, boil them for approximately 20-minutes. Then allow the cones to cool before rinsing them in room temperature water. Now, your cones are ready to add to your tank freely as a water conditioner and decoration or place in your filter for all the same benefits. It may take your alder cones a few days to drift down to the bottom of the tank.

We recommend using 5-8 cones per 10-gallons of water and replacing the cones every 2-3 weeks. Because each JOR alder cone is unique in size, shape, and potency. We advise that you add cones slowly until you see your desired results. This means you will have to experiment a little as to how many cones you need in your water to achieve your aqaurium’s optimal pH and color. we advise that you add cones slowly until you see your desired results.

Are JOR Alder Cones Beneficial For Other Fish?
Yes! JOR Alder Cones are an excellent water conditioner for freshwater tropical fish like cory catfish, plecos, cichlids, barbs, and shrimp. They help you achieve and maintain the correct pH for your community. They create a tropical habitat by adding a lush tea-color to your water which is soothing to tropical fish. They are a favorite foraging spot for plecos, shrimp, and fry. They’re a unique and timeless aquarium decoration. JOR Alder Cones add many benefits to every aquarium.

JOR Shrimp Alder Cones, Unique Aquarium Decor Benefits Shrimp and Tropical Fish, Maintains Optimal pH, Softens Water, Value Pack of 30 Cones
  • ✔ CLOSER TO NATIVE HABITAT --- In the wild, debris drops into shrimp habitat and add elements that color their water brown and benefit freshwater shrimp and tropical fish. Adding JOR Alder Cones to your tank will bring your aquarium closer to your pets’ native home and will lower stress considerably.


  • ✔ SOFTENS WATER, LOWERS pH --- Alder cones will automatically lower your tank’s pH and softens hard water. No complicated measuring needed, start with one cone for every 10 gallons and adjust as needed. You don’t have to worry about kids or other pets getting into man-made substances with JOR Alder Cones.


  • ✔ SHRIMPS WITH VIBRANT COLORS --- Feeling a little stagnant? Have a creative block? Ancient Egyptians believed the cones were a symbol of enlightenment and greater intuition. The Romans valued the cones as a harbinger of fertility and productivity. Whether you want to breed shrimp or add some positive vibes to your home, our unique and charming adler cones are the perfect solution.


  • ✔ YUMMY SNACK BAR --- JOR Alder Cones are a great source of food. These milky filaments are a sign of a well-balanced tank and provide a loved snack for shrimps, snails, and plecos.


  • ✔ GLOBAL BEAUTY --- JOR Alder Cones create the wonder and enchantment of global waters. Each cone is unique, untouched by man and measures approximately 0.5”-1” (1.25-2.5 cm). They add an interesting texture and ambiance to any home and are so practical. Your shrimp and fish will love nibbling on them and pushing them around while they quietly soften and improve the water.

Product description

You can use JOR Alder Cones straight from the package. This will give your tank water a beautiful brownish-tea color. This coloring comes from highly beneficial elements that normally occur in alder cones and are then present in shrimp and fish native habitat as alder cones fall into the ponds and streams. These elements help maintain proper water pH. If you do not want your tank water to have a brownish hue, simply boil JOR Alder Cones for five minutes, let them cool, and change the water. Then boil again for another five minutes. Soak them in cold water for several hours and then add them to your tank. The cones will sink to the bottom in 2-3 days.



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