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2 Cuttlefish Bones for Cockatiels

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2 Cuttlefish Bones for Cockatiels --- For Sharp Beaks, Healthy Bones and Nice Feathers - Prevents Malnutrition & Egg Binding - Natural, Safe & Excellent Calcium Source - Cage Holder Included

  • EXCELLENT SOURCE OF CALCIUM AND MINERALS --- In order for cockatiels to have good bone formation and blood clotting, they need to have good enough supply of calcium. A bird’s diet is naturally calcium-deficient, Cuttlefish bone for Cockatiels by SunGrow is an important supplement to provide necessary minerals and calcium. It also contains trace elements which when birds molt their feathers, the new ones will be more beautiful and stronger.
  • SAFE AND ALL NATURAL --- A cuttlebone is the inner shell of a squid-like cephalopod called cuttlefish and not really a bone. 100% natural, it doesn’t contain toxins and contaminants and proven to be very safe for birds to consume.
  • SUPPORTS AND PROMOTES STRONG BEAKS –-This 2-pack cuttlebones containing 3 pcs each will help improve companion parrot’s beak health. Its grainy texture aids in wearing down overgrown beaks and help keeps them trimmed and sharp. Having an overgrown beak can actually endanger your cockatiel as it can make eating difficult for them which can lead to malnutrition. It is greatly recommended to have cuttlebones inside the cage to avoid this fatal situation.
  • GOOD FOR FEMALE COCKATIELS WHO ARE PRODUCING EGGS --- Additional calcium is needed for female cockatiels who are producing eggs to produce a solid hard egg shell. The lack of calcium may result to serious health risk called egg binding. This condition happens when egg does not pass through a reproductive system at a normal rate. As prevention is always better than cure, make sure to always provide the calcium-enriched cuttlebone to increase calcium levels.
  • PROVIDES CAGE ENTERTAINMENT --- When placed inside the cage, these cuttlebones will not just be eaten, you will be entertained on how your companion parrots will play, climb over, and sometimes use them as perch to sleep on.