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Turtle Water Conditioner - Protects Turtles, Amphibians & Reptile Pets from Salmonella

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Turtle Water Conditioner - Protects Turtles, Amphibians & Reptile Pets from Salmonella - Contains Calcium for turtle Shell Development - One Block Sufficient for 60 Days

  • PROVIDE SAFE HOME TO YOUR TURTLE PETS IN AN EASY WAY --- Setting up the perfect home for your shelled friend doesn't have to be difficult. The tap water contains chemicals that adversely affect the growth of your turtle and herptiles. Just add a piece of SunGrow’s Turtle Water Conditioner into the water and see it eliminating chloramines and chlorines. They cause skin and eyes irritation to your friend. But, not anymore!
  • PROTECTS YOUR AQUATIC PETS FROM DISEASES --- It is created to control common diseases of aquatic turtles, and herptiles. Always keep aquariums clean by enforcing good hygiene as pet owners. Add this turtle-shaped water conditioner in your tank. It helps keep organisms like salmonella at bay and hopefully prevent turtle diseases from ever happening.
  • KEEP PET OWNERS & FAMILY MEMBERS AWAY FROM SALMONELLA --- The most common disease turtles carry is salmonella. If transmitted to humans, can cause life-threatening infection. People infected with Salmonella may have diarrhea, fever, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and headache. Symptoms usually appear six to 72 hours after contact with the bacteria and lasts about two to seven days. Most people recover without treatment but some can become so sick that they need to be treated in a hospital.
  • PROMOTES HEALTHY SHELL GROWTH IN TURTLES --- Turtles suffering shell deformities may have a calcium deficiency. The SunGrow Turtle Water Conditioner helps in the development of the shells of your turtles. It contains calcium that promotes healthy shell growth in aquatic turtles. It slowly dissolves in water, aside from conditioning your tank. This should be used in conjunction with UVB lighting and a heat source to ensure proper shell development.
  • INSTRUCTIONS --- Add one piece of Water Conditioner for Turtle to 20 gallons of water. Each turtle-shaped block with the size of 1" X 0.75" inches lasts between 45 and 60 days. Add it during tank set up or water change. It is completely safe for using in paludarium, aquarium, terrarium, vivarium where frogs, turtles, and newts live.

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