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SunGrow Hermit Crab Feeding Bowl

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SunGrow Hermit Crab Feeding Bowl -- Keeps Crabitat Mess-Free - Durable, Attractive, Multifunctional Decor - Serve as Climbing toy or Drinking bowl, swimming pool and much more.

  • USE IT AS A FEEDING BOWL OR POOL --- This Feeding Bowl by SunGrow can be buried partially below the substrate. You can add food or create a natural drinking or relaxing pool for your hermit crabs. Hermit crabs eat, drink, bathe, and even replenish the extra water when they carry within the back of their shell.
  • KEEPS CRABITAT CLEAN & REDUCES MESS --- As this food container encourages feeding in a single area of the terrarium, it helps reduces mess. It holds food in an enclosed area and your little crawler just gorge on it. As scavengers, they would be attracted to the variety of food this little container can offer them. This also functions well as separator for water and substrate creating an organized environment for your crab.
  • AN ALTERNATIVE CLIMBING TOY --- Being social creatures, hermit crabs definitely love to play. They are very adventurous and love to climb. This food bowl is ideal for big hermit crabs to climb on.You may however complement your bowl with SunGrow’s Cholla Wood which can be used by small crabs as a tool to go up and down the bowl. Even without that, your crab will use the naturally created steps in the bowl.
  • FUNCTIONAL, ATTRACTIVE DECOR --- Make an ideal crabitat where function meets form by adding this feeding bowl. Aside from its various uses, it also helps creates a beautiful habitat for your hermit crabs. This food bowl has monochromatic color scheme in black and white that blends perfectly to your desired terrarium design. This also fits conveniently into the enclosure’s corner and doesn’t take so much space.
  • DURABLE & STURDY --- Contained spot to keep your hermit crab pets in a terrarium is important to keep the food clean, fresh, and healthy. Hermit Crab Feeding Bowl by SunGrow is made from concrete weighing half a pound with proven durability. It is so sturdy that it can’t be moved nor flipped so easily.

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