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Betta Food Pellets --- Fish Food Promotes Longevity - Gluten Flour imparts color, promotes fin development - Spirulina boosts Immune System - Fish Oil rich in Omega-3 fatty acids controls inflammation

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SunGrow Fish Pellets Food -- Health-enhancing fish Flakes - Provides balanced nutrition to marine and freshwater fish - Keeps tank clear, does not cloud water – Improves fish color and appearance

  • A NATURAL SAVORY BLEND THAT IS HEALTHY & YUMMY --- The nutri-nibble by SunGrow is made from high-quality fish meal that increases the lifespan of your beautiful betta and makes it easier on betta’s stomach. The food pellet has a mixture of mashed shrimp meal, bloodworms and a special vitamin blend that makes your pretty one all the more prettier.
  • EASILY DIGESTIBLE, SCIENTIFICALLY-CULTIVATED FOOD --- Betta being carnivores, should be fed more proteins. Soybean, the plant-based high protein is a key ingredient for the aquaculture feed. Collecting and compacting the goodness of wholesome proteins into small pellets means less digestive strain. Like meal-replacement shakes, the best of all worlds is easily consumable, reducing waste, toxins, and stress in fish. Trust SunGrow to deliver the perfect ratio of nutrients safely and quickly!
  • VIBRANT COLORS AND HEALTH --- SunGrow’s recipe keeps your fish fit and bright, with healthy fats from Omega-3 and boosted metabolisms from biotin and carotenoids. Optimum nutrition that includes Spirulina is supplied to your fish resulting in radiance on the outside and inside. Copper- and hormone-free, happy fish and their owners have reported more beautiful, brilliant colors on their bodies, demonstrating more positive response to the tried-and-tested SunGrow formulation.
  • SERVE FRESH FOOD TO YOUR BELOVED PET --- SunGrow pellets not only helps keep your fish around for longer, but will last you the journey as well. The fish oil present in this meaty food serves as anxiety suppressant and controls inflammation. Offered here is a specially packed 8 oz. pack to truly ensure your fish get the freshest of the freshest.
  • CLEARER, CLEANER TANKS --- The Fish pellet Food by SunGrow is a special blend that won’t cloud aquariums like most other brands, promising clean, clear water with their wholesome pellets. After having these pellets as their meal, bettas release up to 30% less toxins like ammonia which results in crystal clear water. Having a crystalline tank gives you more time to appreciate and admire your plucky pets.

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