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Sungrow Plastic Leaf Hammocks for Betta Fish, 6 x 3.5-Inches, Lightweight and Realistic Resting Spot, Dark Green Bed, Comfortable, Easily Attaches with Included 3 Suction Cup, 3 Leaves/Pack
  • CREATES A SHALLOW BED MIMICKING NATIVE HABITAT --- In their native habitat, betta live in shallow waters and spend a lot of time floating near the surface because (along with gills) bettas also rely on their labyrinth organ for oxygen. Betta fish will surface, stick its mouth above water and suck in air, allowing it to survive in poorly oxygenated waters where other fish could not.



  • LOWERS STRESS AND IMPROVES HAPPINESS --- By providing your beloved bettas with a pleasant place where they feel secure, you will ultimately have a happier pet. Even if betta is the only fish in the tank, bettas are territorial and on constant guard against trespassers. The fun and functional SunGrow Leaf Hammock gives your betta a sense of security and a convenient place to rest his weary fins.



  • CREATES A SHALLOW BED MIMICKING NATIVE HABITAT --- In their native habitat, betta live in shallow waters and spend a lot of time floating near the surface because (along with gills) bettas also rely on their labyrinth organ for oxygen. Betta fish will surface, stick its mouth above water and suck in air, allowing it to survive in poorly oxygenated waters where other fish could not.



  • QUICK AND EASY TO ATTACH USING SUCTION CUP --- Using an included small standard suction cup, the SunGrow Leaf Hammock for Betta Fish quickly and easily adheres to the wall of your betta enclosure. It only takes a couple minutes to set up and attach the betta bed. Clear the aquarium surface for debris before adding suction cups in the tank for the suction cup to hold. It remains securely in place so there is no more maintenance required. Once installed, let your betta enjoy its new resting spot.



  • FUNCTIONAL DECORATIVE ADDITION TO YOUR TANK --- Not only is the betta bed a functional aquarium decor, but it also provides a beautiful looking pop of color in your fish tank. The dark green, plastic leaf is lightweight and gets freely attached to the wall and sways effortlessly with the movement of the water. The SunGrow Leaf Hammock for Betta Fish brightens up your tank while serving a valuable purpose for your pet fish.
SunGrow Mini Catappa Almond Leaves for Fishes, 2 Inches, Replicate Natural Habitat for Betta and Improve Well-Being, Heals and Lessen Stress, Add 1 Piece Per Water Change, 50 Pack
  • ✔ SIMULATES BREEDING ENVIRONMENT FOR SHRIMP --- Several breeds of shrimp have habitats in mountain streams surrounded by overhanging trees and brush, making the area abundant in fallen leaves and plant debris. Adding Shrimp leaves to their tank simulates their environment and gives them the privacy to encourage a thriving breeding habitat. A must-have for all shrimp breeders, these provide a secure shelter for adult shrimp and a convenient hiding spot for baby shrimp.


  • ✔ DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS TREAT FOR YOUR SHRIMP --- A few days after you place the shrimp leaves in the tank, they will slowly sink to the bottom. As they sink, they soften on which shrimp love to graze on. The nutritious food provides a balanced diet and protein and aids in building your shrimp’s immune system. Shrimp love this delicious treat and will eat the leaves right down to the skeleton.


  • ✔ RAW SHRIMP LEAVES --- For the most beneficial addition to your shrimp tank, the SunGrow Shrimp Leaves are the purest and a healthy choice. While products available in the market may or may not be genuine, the Giant catappa leaves are unprocessed. They vary in size with lengths of 1-2”. If you have a smaller tank or varying size tanks, you can tear up the larger leaves into smaller pieces.


  • ✔ A MUST-HAVE FOR SHRIMP KEEPERS --- These Indian Almond leaves are essential in keeping your shrimp healthy and happy. These leaves have beneficial properties that help in calming your shrimp (particularly important if you are introducing more or moving them).


  • ✔ HANDPICKED FOR OPTIMUM QUALITY --- If you pick the leaves outside, you cannot be sure of the quality they might have. The catappa leaves are guaranteed to be genuine. PREPARATION: Before placing the product in the aquarium, rinse before use, even after boiling or soaking. A "post-boil soak" in fresh water is a recommended step, too.



These must-have leaves are preferred for bubble nests for tropical fish and anchoring their eggs. Your fish, frogs, and shrimp will love hiding under them and pushing them around. Your pets will perk up with interest when you surprise them with these leaves. Best of all, these leaves don’t require any sunlight or a special substrate.

How Many Leaves Will I Get?

You will receive approx fifty catappa leaves. This is a raw product and each leaf is unique in size, shape, and shade. These amazing leaves will be approximately 2” or 5 cm in length, ideal size for shrimp tanks. This generous and economic package will make keeping your water and shrimps happy a breeze.

How Do I Prepare The Leaves For My Tank?

The Indian Almond leaf needs zero maintenance and very little prep before going into your aquarium. For optimal results, rinse the catappa leaves and then boil them for ten minutes. That’s it, your zero-effort water conditioning leaves are ready to decorate your tank.

$6.95 $25.95
Rhinox Aerator Bubbler Set -- Additional oxygen promotes fish health - Increase water circulation - Unobtrusive, hides well in hydroponic or fish tank - Produce small bubbles as silent as in a library
  • UP WATER CIRCULATION --- Rhinox Air Stone works excellently to increase dissolved oxygen levels and provide good water circulation. Just put one end of the Rhinox tubing on the stone and the other end on an air pump and plug it in. The air stone will immediately start producing generous cascades of steady, consistent small bubbles that move water across your tank.


  • WORKS GREAT WITH FILTERS --- The Rhinox Air Stone is a great addition to any aquarium system, especially with any filter run by an air pump. It dispenses the correct balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the tank.


  • MINERAL STONE --- Every Rhinox Air Stone is made from mineral material sintered together in high temperatures to produce a strong and durable product. Its flat, circular shape is perfect for efficiently dispensing air bubbles. It is completely safe for your aquatic pets unlike many other products in the market.


  • BEAUTIFUL & PRACTICAL --- Every Rhinox Air Stone is made with minerals that give it a natural look. It goes well with almost all aquarium designs. Its rain of air bubbles produced gives your underwater world a beautiful effect with waves of water currents and swirls of dazzling air bubbles.


  • LOW MAINTENANCE --- The Rhinox Air Stone Set comes with a 1.6 -inch mineral stone and a 6.5 ft silicone pipe that you attach to your tank with a 1-inch suction cup. Please note that air pump is not included in the set. Give your mineral stone a good scrub every month.
$9.95 $13.95
Air Stone Bars (4 pc) - Produces Bubbles, Aeration, Oxygen & Water Movement - Easy to Connect Bubble Bars - 100% Safe Non Toxic Mineral for Pets - for Optimal Health of Guppies, Shrimp & Mollies
  • ✔ ADDS VITAL OXYGEN TO YOUR TANK --- All living things (humans, animals, plants) need oxygen to live. There are a few ways to add essential oxygen to an aquarium without disrupting the current environment. The SunGrow Air Stone Bars gradually diffuse air into your tank, providing vital oxygen for your fish and plants to breathe.


  • ✔ EASY TO CONNECT TO AIR PUMP --- The important and effective Air Stone Bars from SunGrow easily connect to your current air pump with standard aquarium tubing. As long as your air pump is 2 watts or more, the single head airstone will produce a steady stream of bubbles that add essential air to your tank and regulate your CO2 levels.


  • ✔ LEAK-PROOF CONNECTION WITH STANDARD AQUARIUM TUBE --- In order to properly and effectively connect the air stone to the air pump, use standard 0.16” (4mm) inner diameter aquarium tube. This will ensure that there are no air leaks and that the air stone is working at its highest capacity.


  • ✔ REGULAR MAINTENANCE LENGTHENS LIFE --- After a few months of use, the air stone will begin to get clogged. To lengthen the life of your airstone, pull it out once a month and clean it with a toothbrush. This will remove the clogged debris and allow the airstone to continue working for many more months. Once the stone completely stops working, it is time to replace it.


  • ✔ MADE OF NON-TOXIC PET SAFE MATERIAL --- These 4 air stones bars offered by SunGrow are made with high quality, non-toxic mineral material that is safe for your aquatic pets and plants. Limestone and other porous stones successfully and safely diffuse your aquarium water and produces oxygen and air bubbles for your pets.
$12.95 $16.95
SunGrow Lava Ledge (1 pc) - Pet Safe Pumice Chew Toy Healthy Teeth & Gums - Easy Install, Yellow Mineral Grinding Block Trim Nails - Volcanic Rock Perch Chinchillas, Rabbits, Hamsters & Parrots
  • ✔ ALL NATURAL AND PET SAFE --- Created with all natural lava stone from volcanic rock, the SunGrow Lava Ledge is fun, entertaining and completely harmless to your pet, family and the environment. The charming yellow color of the pumice stone perch is created with 100% pet safe food coloring.


  • ✔ KEEPS BEAKS AND CLAWS TRIM --- Birds with big beaks and birds with small beaks, they all need to be kept healthy and smooth. Durable pumice lava stone helps keep beaks and claws naturally neat and trim. Also, providing your pet birds with something useful to peck at discourages negative behavior such as feather picking and biting.


  • ✔ SHARPENS AND CLEANS TEETH --- An essential part of being a pet rodent owner (such as chinchillas, gerbils, hamsters, rats and mice) is taking proper care of their teeth and gums. The soft, porous texture of the pumice lava stone is gentle enough to be chewed and strong enough to smooth and file down teeth preventing them from getting uncomfortably long.


  • ✔ ENTERTAINS AND EXERCISES YOUR PET --- Keeping your pet active alleviates boredom, provides exercise and promotes positive behavior. The lava ledge gives your furry friend something to chew, climb on and rest upon. Place multiple perches at different levels and watch your chinchilla happily jump from ledge to ledge.


  • ✔ ENCOURAGE CAUTIOUS PETS --- Some pets like older guinea pigs or a highly cautious hamster may need a little extra encouragement to interact with the SunGrow lava stone. To create an irresistible chinchilla chewing block, coat the pumice in peanut butter and give them a sniff. They will start grinding their teeth on the block in no time.
$11.95 $18.95
SunGrow Mineral Rocks --- Provide Magnesium that enhances Shrimp's Color - Health Booster - Calcium helps molting - Absorb Toxic Chemicals of Water - For Shrimps, Crayfish & Snails - Aquarium Decor

SunGrow Mineral Rocks --- Provide Magnesium that enhances Shrimp's Color - Health Booster - Calcium helps molting - Absorb Toxic Chemicals of Water - For Shrimps, Crayfish & Snails - Aquarium Decor



  • MINERALS BOOST HEALTH - Are your shrimps losing color? Do they not look as healthy as before? Here is your solution- SunGrow Mineral Rocks. Mineral rocks provide the perfect nutrient balance for vitality, color and health, especially for baby shrimps in growing age. They are rich in Calcium that helps shrimp with building stronger shell, and full of Magnesium that is essential for all crustaceans to maintain health and vibrancy. A natural mineral that can only be harvested and not made.


  • CALCIUM HELPS MOLTING - Shrimps add vibrancy to your aquatic life and make great pets for both adults and kids alike. And these naturally occurring mineral rocks promote shrimp's longevity. Japanese shrimp breeders have a firm belief in these mineral stones and they use it in their breeding facilities. You too can beautify your aquarium with these color and age enhancing mineral rich rocks by SunGrow. A must- have for shrimps, especially Crystal red shrimps, Amano shrimps and Ghost shrimps.


  • REMOVE TOXIC CHEMICALS - The mineral stones from SunGrow act as a natural ion exchanger that cleans water in the Aquarium. They enrich water with necessary minerals that enable shrimps to live longer. It even stores toxic substances like heavy metals and ammonium for a longer duration.


  • NATURAL DECORATIVE - The applications of these mineral rocks by SunGrow don't just stop here! You can even make use of them in home furnishing by placing them in all the corners of a square or rectangular mirror. Else, place these on the centre table of your living room in a bowl filled with water along with a few coloured pebbles, marimos and other plants.


  • VALUE FOR MONEY - Every pack contains 60 gm mineral rocks (0.5 inch on an average) surrounded by mineral powder. One pack is enough for a 14 gallon tank and lasts 3 months. So it's not at all heavy on your pocket. They are small and take very little space. So they are great for your nano tanks too!
$15.95 $21.95
Corner Guards for Aquarium Cabinets (20 pcs) - Round, Transparent Corner Protectors - Anti-Collision Protection for Countertops, Fish Tanks & Coffee Tables - Includes 60 Extra Strong Adhesive Tapes

Round Corner Guards for Baby Proofing Your Home --- (20 Pack) Use for Aquariums, Coffee Tables, Countertops and More - Transparent Guards - Edge Corner Protectors - 60 Extra Strong Adhesive Included

  • VALUE PACK OF 20 CORNER PROTECTOR GUARDS --- If you want baby proofing done for your home for your children or grandchildren, then this amazing value pack of 20 protectors will have ALL your corners covered. There are enough for your kitchen table, dining room table, living room furniture and any other corners!


  • ROUNDED CORNER GUARDS FOR KEEPING YOUR BABY SAFE --- When babies are just starting to walk they are a little wobbly, unbalanced and well prone to accidents. Prevent any bangs, scrapes and bruises by placing these rubber corner guards strategically around your home.


  • USE THESE CORNER GUARDS FOR AQUARIUMS --- Perhaps your aquarium juts out slightly with sharp corners or the shelf it stands on is at just the right height for baby to bump into. These transparent corner guards will not only protect your aquarium cabinet from wear and tear, it will also protect babies and toddlers who are not so careful about where they are going.


  • EXTRA STRONG ADHESIVE WON’T FALL OFF --- The extra strong corner guards with 60 adhesive tapes included are simple to apply and will have a very strong sticking quality. The high-quality PVC material is non-toxic and safe for child-proofing your environment. We use these special gel corner guards to give you long-lasting protection, and giving moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas - a peace of mind.


  • TRANSPARENT TO BLEND IN WITH ALL YOUR FURNITURE --- Universal corner guards can be placed on any type of corner. The clear corner guards will blend in with black, white, beige or any other color. This means it’s not eye catching for babies and they won't be attracted to it. They are simply the perfect product for cushioning sharp corners or dangerous edges.
$9.00 $18.95
SunGrow Hermit Crab Food Bowls, 4x3 Inches, Little Huts for Hermies, Great for Bath Basin and Hiding Spots, Half Coco Shell, Perfect Alternative of Plastic Cage, 3 Pack

3 Hermit Crab Bowls --- Half Coconut Shell - 100% Natural Water or Food Bowl - No Hole resists Bacteria buildup - Leakproof & Durable - Perfect for Ice Cream, Holding Soaps & More

  • WONDERFUL WATER BOWL OR FOOD BOWL FOR HERMIES --- This natural water bowl by SunGrow is made from a half of a real coconut. The husk, fibers and coconut meat have been removed to leave a smooth natural bowl! Fill with water or food for your cute little hermit crabs.


  • ECO-FRIENDLY SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT --- Go green with these biodegradable, compostable and sustainable coconut bowls. Additionally, they are completely sealed and won’t leak water which in short will prevent buildup of bacteria. They make an interesting dinner conversation with guests, an amazing prop for Instagram food photos and a perfect housewarming gift.


  • 100% NATURAL & EXTREMELY DURABLE --- The natural hermit crab bowl will blend in with your crabs or reptile environment. Coconut shells are extremely strong and won’t crack like other plastic reptile/hermit bowls out there. Their natural color will simply blend in with your crustaceans’ substrate.


  • PACK OF 3 MULTI-USE COCONUT CONTAINER --- This pack comes with 3 coconut shell bowls. Use them as a catch all container, to hold trinkets, hair ties, keys, rubber bands and many other items. Use for making candles or as a soap dish in the bathroom. You can even drill a hole and tie some twine to create a natural bird feeder.


  • SERVE UP YOUR FAVORITE SORBETS OR ICE CREAM --- Make your house or apartment feel like a Tropical Island when you serve yourself a few scoops of your favorite gelato, sorbet or ice cream inside these coconut shell bowls. If you’re not an ice cream person try using it as a dish for nuts or candies.
$11.95 $16.95
SunGrow Shipwreck for Betta Fish, Made of Resin, Creates Healthy Environment for Aquatic Pets, Boat Aquarium or Home Décor, 1-pc

Betta Ship Wreck --- Give Rustic and Vintage feel - Fish Tank Cave for Healthy Environment - Durable Resin Material - Aquarium or Home Decor

  • CREATES FANTASTIC VINTAGE AQUASCAPE --- Travel back to history and have a glimpse of the ocean’s depths with this sunken Fishing Boat Aquarium Décor by SunGrow. Adding this ornament to your tank gives a rustic, vintage look and will turn your tank into a beautiful aquascape.


  • IDEAL FOR CREATING SIMILAR FISH HABITAT --- Your favorite swimming pets are known to be such active explorers too. This boat decor have holes that serve as caves that offers them a feel of their natural and living environment where they can swim through, hide or play. This add more fun to their lives and helps to relieve stress.


  • NON-TOXIC, SAFE & DURABLE --- Made from durable polyresin material, it is also non-toxic and guaranteed safe for all terrariums, aquariums, freshwater & saltwater. It doesn’t pose harm to your aquatic animals nor create any ill impact on water quality.


  • SUITABLE TO ANY AQUARIUM SIZE --- Approximately measures 5.7” (length) x 2.2” (width) x 9” (height), this will fit easily in any aquarium. Accentuate any beautiful tank regardless of size with this vintage wreck ship ornament and achieve that ideal aquascape you have been dreaming about.


  • EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN --- Having easy to clean and low-maintenance ornaments makes aquarium decorating much more fun. This shipwreck just needs cool water in order to clean it, leave it for a day then put it back into your tank. One tiny tip in order to keep it in its best form and color is to avoid exposing it to high temperature environment and never use hot water for cleaning.
$11.95 $19.95
110V Ceramic Heating Lamp - 150W Infrared Heat Emitter Light Bulb
110V Ceramic Heating Lamp --- 150W Infrared Heat Emitter - Energy-Efficient - For Reptiles, Chicks, Terrariums, Pet Brooders, Coops - Infrared Light Bulb
  • PROVIDES MANY HEALTH BENEFITS FOR COLD-BLOODED ANIMALS --- The infrared heat from the SunGrow light bulb penetrates the scales and skin tissue of many reptiles including geckos, tortoises, snakes, bearded dragons, ball pythons and more! The warmth will keep your pets healthy as it widens the blood vessels and increases blood circulation allowing them to stay active.


  • FOR PET BROODERS AND CHICKEN COOPS --- People love using the SunGrow heating bulb to warm their pets on a cold winter's night; to keep their organic chickens, chicks, hedgehogs, outdoor rabbit hutches or indoor cockatiel cages warm. Make sure you use the bulb with a porcelain socket. It is a lamp that includes a cage around the bulb to ensure your pets do not get burned.


  • PROVIDES HEAT WITHOUT TRANSMITTING LIGHT --- 150-Watt Ceramic heat emitters are an affordable way to provide heat for your pets. The don’t emit any light which makes it suitable for daytime and nighttime use, as it won’t disturb your pets’ sleep.


  • HIGH-ENERGY EFFICIENCY --- The ceramic bulb turns the electricity into heat, with no light emission. This makes it much more energy-efficient than regular light bulbs. They can last up to 10,000 hours! The E27 socket, fits all standard home US sockets.


  • SOLID CERAMIC HEATING BULB --- Within 10-seconds, your heating lamp will give off very strong heat. The high-purity ceramic clay ensures its anti-crack and waterproof. This means the bulb is safe to use in humid environments, like terrariums or vivariums.
$12.95 $14.95
SunGrow Magical Hallelujah Floating Garden, Recreate Pandora, The Underwater World of Avatar in Aquarium, Avatar Rocks, Plants Sold Separately

Magical hallelujah Floating Garden by SunGrow - Recreate Pandora, the underwater world of Avatar in Aquarium in minutes (Plants sold separately)

  • YOUR OWN UNDERWATER WORLD OF AVATAR --- Give your aquarium a touch of absolute magic. Be inspired by the imaginative world of Avatar and recreate a rock suspension landscape that defies all laws of gravity.


  • LIGHT & EASY TO USE --- SunGrow Avatar Rocks are naturally light and buoyant. When they float, they do look ethereal and captivating. Now no more fuss over making sure your anti-gravity-looking landscape stays in tack. Please note, one packet of item contains 3 avatar rocks, 3 suction cups and a clear fishing thread that will help you tie the rocks and make it look transparent.


  • NON-TOXIC & SAFE FOR FISH --- The rocks can be put together in any form you like. And because Avatar Rocks are designed to be tied together and not glued, it's safer for all your aquatic pets.


  • ROCKY & MAJESTIC, OR LUSH & GREEN? --- The surface of SunGrow Avatar Rocks are beautiful on its own. But the naturally occurring crevices are also great for plants to take root. Use Avatar Rocks by itself to create a landscape of mystery or grow aquatic plants on them to transform your aquarium into a robust wonderland. The call is yours!


  • NATURAL ROCK WITH HEALING PROPERTIES --- Avatar Rocks absorb the water's harmful bacteria and heavy metals. Over a long period of time, it imparts good minerals that are conducive to fish and plant growth.
$12.95 $19.95
SunGrow Glass Bottom Feeder Dish, 2.5 Inches Wide, 0.5 Inches Deep, Easily Remove Uneaten Food, Tough Borosilicate Glass, Circular Feeding Dish for Catfish, Cory, Pleco and Bottom Dwellers

Tough Borosilicate Glass Shrimp Feed Dish - Never run out of food for shrimps - Prevent food spilling & aquarium Contamination - Heavy-duty, transparent Basin - For Shrimp Food or fish's Tubifex Worms

  • SAVES MONEY ON EXPENSIVE SHRIMP FOOD --- To keep your pet shrimp at optimum health and happiness, it is crucial to feed them nutritious, high quality food. The practical SunGrow Glass Feeding Dish helps to prevent additional food costs due to spillage by securely containing pellets, flakes, worms and more. When food is placed in this convenient glass basin, it stays there instead of falling into the rocks and soil then getting swept away during maintenance.


  • REDUCES CONTAMINATION AND BACTERIA --- Many things, such as overfeeding and food debris, can create undesirable bacteria in your tank. Because the Shrimp Feed Dish by SunGrow keeps food inside the basin instead of outside floating freely in the water and eventually settling in the bottom of your tank. There is a far less chance of planaria bloom and contamination. Spend less time on cleaning and more time enjoying with your playful aquatic pets.


  • SIMPLE TO CLEAN AND SANITIZE --- The smooth, glass material used to make the SunGrow Shrimp Feeding Dish is low-maintenance, easy to wash and able to handle high temperatures. For regular cleanings, simply remove any leftover food and give it a quick rinse with soap and water. If you would like to sanitize the feed dish on occasion, it can easily be steam sterilized.


  • SAFE, HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS --- Long lasting and reliable, the SunGrow Shrimp Feed Dish is confidently made with heavy-duty borosilicate glass. This high quality glass is widely used in cookware, windows and laboratory instruments because it can handle extreme temperatures and has a greater resistance to chemical corrosion. Some competitors use less durable acrylic plastic to construct their feeding dishes.


  • BLENDS PERFECTLY INTO THE BACKGROUND --- The perfectly sized 2.5” (6cm) wide and 0.5” (1.5cm) deep takes on the appearance of its background and blends beautifully into the environment without any disturbance or distraction. This convenient transparency allows you to easily see how much food is left in the dish and if you need to fill it up or buy more food before leaving for vacation. Always be prepared and never run out of food with the practical Glass Feeding Dish from SunGrow.
$11.95 $13.95


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