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SunGrow Catnip Spray - Attracts cat like magnet

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SunGrow Catnip Spray -- Attracts cat like magnet - Brings out Real Tiger in cats - Irresistible Scent that entices - Gives energy boost - 100% potent North American catnip - Easy to use pump spray

  • BRINGS OUT THE INNER TIGER IN YOUR CATS --- Catnip Spray for Cats by SunGrow is made from concentrated extract of pure catnip which has an irresistible scent. It is designed to appeal to your cat’s playful nature by displaying its inner roar.
  • MAKES CAT ACTIVITIES MORE INTERESTING --- It can be used to rejuvenate old toys or training tools. You will notice a very energetic cat rolling and flipping over these toys. This product will surely engage your cat even more in all activities for it surely cannot resist the scent of natural catnip extract.
  • 100% NATURAL AND SAFE --- Catnip Spray for Cats by SunGrow is non-addictive, 100% natural and pet-safe. It doesn’t contain chemicals, pesticides or other fillers that may harm your cat so you can be sure that it is the best, purest and potent choice for your cats.
  • POTENT NORTH AMERICAN CATNIP --- This top quality product is made from the extracted catnip leaves and being sourced from the high altitude of North America. High altitudes foster larger concentrations of catnip oil resulting in extreme potency which your cat will surely enjoy.
  • FUN AND CONVENIENT --- Available in an 8 oz. bottle with an easy to use pump spray. Spray it on anything and watch the crazy fun begin with no mess and no clean up.

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