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Cat Wheat Grass - Fresh Food for your pet

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Cat Wheat Grass -- Fresh Food for your pet - Stimulates Cat’s Senses - Touch, Taste & Smell - Stable Design - Includes Organic Seeds, Soil & Vermiculite

  • GET NUTRIENT RICH CAT FOOD IN JUST A WEEK --- This pack of wheatgrass seeds contains 100 fresh and ready-to-grow seeds. The grass will reach full maturity by the end of 7 days. It generally grows up to 6 inches tall. This will give you a good few months of fresh wheatgrass for your cat.
  • HELP DIGESTION AND PREVENTS HAIRBALLS --- Wheatgrass is not only safe, but is also very beneficial for cats. It can prevent furballs, and help your cats regurgitating which will help clean and stimulate the digestive tract.
  • ADDS FIBER, NUTRIENTS AND MINERALS TO YOUR PET’S DIET --- These organic, non-GMO Wheatgrass seeds contains vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, iron, calcium, magnesium, and amino acids. It also has fiber which is essential for keeping your cat’s digestive tract healthy.
  • FAST GROWTH AND EASY TO GROW PLANT THAT LOOKS MIGHTY PRETTY --- The seeds are super easy to grow, and will sprout within a few days. When your little feline is not munching, you can place it on a tabletop or the window sill or in the kitchen garden. Trust us, your Kitty will end up eating this instantly.
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL FOR KIDS --- By growing your own cat grass seeds, you can educate your child how grass is grown, as well as make a little patch of wheatgrass ready for your cat. From planting the seeds in the soil, to daily watering, your child will learn everything. Watch them delight as the grass starts to sprout from the soil.

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