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2 Stainless Steel Bowl for Pets by SunGrow 30 oz/20 oz

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2 Stainless Steel Bowl for Pets by SunGrow: Easily attaches to cage; Perfect for Cats and Dogs; Simple removal; Reduce water and food spills; 30 oz/20 oz

  • VALUE PACK OF 2 BOWLS FOR CAT & DOG--- This great value pack by SunGrow comes with two different-sized bowls. The smaller one can hold 20 oz which is perfect for cats and small dogs, while the larger 30 oz bowl is great for medium to large dogs.
  • EASILY ATTACH TO CAGE--- These steel bowls come with a bracket which goes around the rim of the bowl. This can be attached to the side of a dog/cat crate, cage or playpen. You can easily remove the bowl for cleaning with the twist of a wingnut.
  • REDUCE WATER & FOOD SPILLS--- Eliminate meal time messes and puddles on the floor with this uniquely designed steel bowl. It will prevent tips and spills of your pets’ food and drinking water, keeping your space clean.
  • STAINLESS STEEL, RUST PROOF, & ODOR-FREE--- This pack of 2 stainless steel bowls is completely rust resistant. Additionally, this bowl will remain odor free and is a healthy alternative to plastic pet bowls.
  • EASY TO CLEAN---The SunGrow high-quality steel bowls are dishwasher friendly for super easy cleaning. Alternatively, you can just give this bowl a rinse in warm water and dish soap leaving it clean, shiny and ready to use again.

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