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All Inclusive Pet Grooming Kit

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All Inclusive Pet Grooming Kit - Quiet and Comfortable Fur Clipping Set from SunGrow - Contains 4 Comb Attachments, Cleaning Brush and Lubricating Oil - Trims fur on Dogs, Cats & other Family Pets

  • SAVE MONEY BY GROOMING AT HOME --- Bringing your pet (or pets) to the groomer on a regular basis can add up to cost some serious money. A small initial investment in the convenient SunGrow pet clipper set saves you money and gives you more quality time with your dog or cat.
  • ULTRA QUIET DESIGN TO RELAX PETS --- Designed with the comfort and interest of your pet in mind, the SunGrow Pet Grooming Kit is incredibly quiet to make sure there is no added stress during grooming. This is particularly important with young pets so that they are at ease while having their fur trimmed throughout the session and for the rest of their lives.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND CARE FOR --- Everything you need to clean and maintain the quality of your professional grooming kit is included. After use, simply rinse the comb in soap and water. Occasionally, remove the detachable blade and use the included lubricating oil and cleaning brush and it will run as good as new.
  • ADDED VERSATILITY WITH 4 UNIQUE POSITIONING COMBS --- The reliable and durable hair trimmer set comes with four distinct positioning combs that results in four unique fur lengths. Long hair breeds like Golden Retrievers and Maine Coons require a different length and cut than the short hair breeds such as tabby cats and Beagles.
  • GENTLE AND EFFECTIVE ON FAMILY PETS --- Safe and gentle on all types of animals, the clipper set from SunGrow is appropriate for a wide variety of beloved family pets such as dogs, cats and rabbits. The detachable blade smoothly and effectively trims fur without damaging your pet’s skin or pulling on its hair.

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