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3 Car Sunscreen Shade for Dogs

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3 Car Sunscreen Shade for Dogs --- Covers and Protects Pets from Harmful UV Rays, Sun Glare and Heat - Ideal for Side and Rear Windows - Premium Quality PVC

  • MUST HAVE DOG SHADES FOR CAR --- For you to have an enjoyable trip with your dog whether short or long, make sure that a tool to cover them is provided. Car Sunscreen for Dogs by SunGrow will provide maximum shade needed and keeps your pet away from the full glare of the sun. Please note that even in an air-conditioned vehicle, your travel partner is still sensitive to heat. Investing in sunshades is always a wise decision.
  • PROTECTS YOUR FRIEND FROM SUN’S HARMFUL ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT --- These sunscreen vehicle shades, protect your beloved fur pet from the harmful sunrays. Long exposure to the sun may damage your pet’s health such as sunburn, heat stroke or dehydration. Comes in pack of 3, you can place this protective accessory on your car’s windshields, rear and back windows and give your pet an unmatched comforting experience.
  • TAKES CARE OF YOUR PET’S COMFORT WHILE TRAVELLING --- Your furry travel companion tend to be irritable when uncomfortable. This normally happens when they feel too hot and such discomfort brings out unwanted behaviour. Avoid situations like this by providing tools to shield and prevent heat sneaking through your pet’s skin.
  • DURABLE AND AIDS IN KEEPING THE INSIDE TEMPERATURE LOW --- Made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) material, it is guaranteed to last for a long time as they don’t rot. Since this is non-fabric, it doesn’t absorb heat and just reflects it back, keeping the inside temperature low even if the car is not in shade.
  • FOLDABLE, EASY TO INSTALL AND STORE --- Measures 17” (width) x 14” (height), this accessory fits perfectly with all major cars and SUVs. Installation will only take under a minute, its static material will just stick firmly unto the windows. No need for suction cups, velcro or wires because it has cling design. For convenient and compact storage, simply twist and fold. It has memory wire on the side that helps retain its original shape.

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