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Grooming Kit for Dogs and Cats

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1. Shampoo - SunGrow Vet Trusted 2-in-1 100% Organic, Medicinal Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner for Cats/Dogs, Deodorizes, Moisturizes and Improves Coat/Fur Enriched with Aloe Vera/Coconut
2. Flea Comb - Flea Comb For Cats & Small Dogs -- Finely spaced Stainless Steel Teeth to trap fleas, flea eggs & debris from pet's coat - Safe for pets with Sensitive Skin - Reduces hair fall - Promotes shinier fur
3. Nail Clipper - No pain Dog Nail Clipper & Trimmer -- Safety Switch to prevent over cut - 5-minutes to professional grooming - Safety Switch lock - In-built nail file to smooth edge - Razor sharp blade for clean cut
4. Grooming Brush - Vet Approved Deshedding Brush by SunGrow - 3 minutes to GROOM & self-clean your small, medium and large pet: Proven to REDUCE Shedding by 90% : Premium quality tool keeps dogs and cats Happy, Healthy
5. Petting Gloves - SunGrow Snowboy Pet Grooming Glove Brush: Effective Pet Grooming Solution for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Chihuahua & Horses: Daily Easy Use Reduces Shedding & Keeps House Clean

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