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Cat Kit Jumbo - Set of 9 Cat Products

  • $86.00

1. Toy - 2 Bell-Trill Mice Toy for Cats -- Durable, interactive Fun Toy to attract & engage cats of all ages - Organic Catnip-filled mice, chew able & safe - Develops natural hunting, pouncing instinct
2. Feeding Bowl - SunGrow 'No Spill' Jumbo Feeding Bowl (32 oz) for Dogs & Cats : Stainless Steel : Anti-Skid Rubber Base: Rust Resistant: Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean
3. Shampoo - SunGrow Vet Trusted 2-in-1 100% Organic, Medicinal Pet Shampoo Plus Conditioner for Cats/Dogs, Deodorizes, Moisturizes and Improves Coat/Fur Enriched with Aloe Vera/Coconut
4. Flea Comb - Flea Comb For Cats & Small Dogs -- Finely spaced Stainless Steel Teeth to trap fleas, flea eggs & debris from pet's coat - Safe for pets with Sensitive Skin - Reduces hair fall - Promotes shinier fur
5. Petting Gloves - SunGrow Snowboy Pet Grooming Glove Brush: Effective Pet Grooming Solution for Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Chihuahua & Horses: Daily Easy Use Reduces Shedding & Keeps House Clean
6. Diaper - Super Absorbent, Leak-Proof SunGrow Dono Pet Diapers (16 count) - Convenient, Environmental Friendly Disposable Pet diapers : Safe & Comfortable Fit for Dogs & Cats (Pink color)
7. Bed -Cozy and Attractive Leopard Print Pet Bed by SunGrow - Easy to Clean Plush Luxury Lounge Bed - Conveniently sized at 20"x19"x5" to provide Comfort and Security to Small or Medium Sized Cats and Dogs
8. Food - Cat Wheat Grass Planter -- Fresh Food for your pet - Stimulates Cat's Senses - Touch, Taste & Smell - Stable Design - Includes Organic Seeds, Soil & Vermiculite
9. Litter Scoop - Non-stick Cat Litter Scoop -- 2-Minutes to clean a litter box - Easy sifting with Anti-Scatter sides - Indestructible Industrial Grade Stainless-Steel, family heirloom

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