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SunGrow Treat Dispenser Toy for Puppies, 4-Inches Diameter with 0.7 Inches Opening for Treats, Slow Feeder,Food Puzzle Ball for Gentle Chewer, IQ Enhancer, Boredom Buster, for Small Dogs and Cats,1pc

Interactive Dog & Cat Toy by SunGrow -- Food Puzzle Ball (4") - Treat dispenser for puppies, small and medium pets - Increase IQ, Boredom buster - Provide hours of...
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Interactive Dog & Cat Toy by SunGrow -- Food Puzzle Ball (4") - Treat dispenser for puppies, small and medium pets - Increase IQ, Boredom buster - Provide hours of fun & Entertainment with duck-like sound

  • SAFE SIZE AND MATERIALS FOR PET CATS --- The practical and convenient size of a 4” (10cm) diameter is the perfect size for cats to play with and Lightweight enough to toss around without posing a choking or chewing threat. Made with harmless, durable, non-toxic materials, the entertaining SunGrow Food Dispenser Ball for Cats is safe for your children to toss and play with and strong enough for your pets to chew on without destroying the ball.


  • BOTH MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY ENERGIZING --- In order to receive its treat or food, your cat needs to discover on its own how to nudge or roll the ball around and collect its reward. This challenge is both mentally and physically stimulating and keeps your pet alert and its brain active. As an added bonus, the Food Dispenser Ball by SunGrow emits a super cute sound when tossed around. No batteries are required to produce the delightful squeaking noise so your cat can stay occupied for days.


  • PROMOTES HEALTHY DIGESTION AND EATING HABITS --- Cats have a natural instinct to hunt and chase their food. By combining mealtime with playtime, the interactive SunGrow Cat Treat Dispenser Ball helps your pet maintain an optimum weight and encourages fun and healthy exercise. Fill the ball with cat food or treats; only a few will be released each time your pet swats the toy. The smaller portions of food disbursed throughout the day improves your cat’s digestion and eating habits.


  • HELPS CLEAN YOUR CAT’S TEETH AND GUMS --- Not only is this cat toy a fun and exciting way to feed your cat food and treats, it can also save you time and money at the vet. The surface of the engaging Food Dispenser Ball by SunGrow is intentionally left uneven. The bumpy exterior of the cat play toy is perfect for stimulating your pet cat’s gums and teeth. This extra stimulation helps to keep your cat’s teeth cleaner and aids in preventing gum disease.


  • LOW MAINTENANCE AND EASY TO CLEAN --- As soon as the exciting SunGrow Food Dispenser Ball for Cats arrives, it is basically ready for use. Give it a quick rinse to wipe away any dust that may have been picked up in transit, fill it with your pet’s favorite food or treats, place on the floor and get ready to witness the fun. Every so often, pick up the dispenser ball, wash it with mild dish soap and water, rinse and it’s ready to be used again and again.
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