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Bird Foraging Wall Toy with Hanging hook

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Bird Foraging Wall Toy with Hanging hook --- Seagrass Woven Mat Safe to Chew - For Beak exercise and IQ simulation of Small & Medium Bird - Tuck treats in waffle ball or pod cups - Long Lasting

  • FUN TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR BIRDS! – You can simply add, remove, or reposition the goodies attached to your bird treat dispenser and toy so your pets may never get bored! The toys can even be reused and transferred to other bird toys and provide a sense of shelter as an added perk.
  • HOURS OF TARGETED EXERCISE AND STIMULATION – The SunGrow’s Bird Foraging Wall Toy truly requires that your fowl fledglings sing for their supper! Mimicking the wild and indulging their natural behaviors, rest assured that the busiest of beaks are kept healthily satiated and occupied with the multiple levels of effort that this wall of fun brings!
  • SHELTERED FROM ALL HARMS – Made of all-natural seagrass and bird-safe materials, this device is tightly woven into a classic check pattern. It ensures fun and foraging lasts and you will not mess up your fun time with your pets. It's safe, secure, and durable for all occasions.
  • SUITABLE FOR WIDE VARIETY OF BIRDS (EVEN RABBITS!) – With a size measuring 12.6” X 13.75”, this contraption is not just limited to delivering a quality and satiating experience to the likes of African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, mini Macaws, and Cockatoos; try this bird explorer out with your feathered friends no matter the species!
  • ALL IN ONE – The hanging grass mat for birds come with the toys as well so you won’t have to trouble yourself looking for them. Just set it up and you are good to go. Exercise and fun all wrapped up in one product.

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