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VILA 8 Spray Pattern Garden Hose Nozzle, Multi-use, Fits All Standard Hoses, Heirloom Gift

✔ 1 HOSE & 8 SPRAY PATTERNS --- This 5.5 inches well-rounded and versatile hose adjusts according to your needs and wants whether it’s a specific strength or form you...
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  • ✔ 1 HOSE & 8 SPRAY PATTERNS --- This 5.5 inches well-rounded and versatile hose adjusts according to your needs and wants whether it’s a specific strength or form you want your water gushing out in. It comes with a built-in divergent spray sequence and flexible force of water flow.


  • ✔ PALATIAL INDUSTRIAL FRAME MAKES IT HEIRLOOM GIFT FOR GRANDCHILDREN --- The sturdy metal build is designed to last through life’s challenges and elements. This allows for a long-lasting durability with the added perk of being leak-proof as well. Pass on to your children and grandchildren as a gift. And hey, did we mention that using it is a child’s play?


  • ✔ MULTI-USE & ADAPTABLE --- Don’t worry about finding the right one that can fit your home. This one fits all standard hose openings and will not pose a problem for washing your cars, pets, front porch, and much more. With 8 spray patterns of the center, flat, mist, cone, shower, jet, soaker, rinse, pattern you have all of this within arm’s reach.


  • ✔ LABOR SAVING GRIP HANDLE FOR YOUR ADDED COMFORT --- The high-quality, reinforced rubber-bodied handle provides a satisfying and comforting hold. The Vila Garden Hose consistently restrains your fingers from slipping out of grip.


  • ✔ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED --- What good would any product or service be without the assurance of quality, security, and satisfaction for their customers? A convenient reimbursement and/or replacement of the product should any problems arise is readily available as part of our excellent customer service.

Product description

Prefer the run-of-the-mill hose for your gardening or washing needs, but don’t like the hassle of how awkward and weighty it is? Then Vila 8-Spray Pattern Garden Green Hose is the perfect merchandise for you.

Enjoy the control of watering the garden or simply washing the car or pets with this very usable hose. Its flexibility easily lets you multitask so you can have a friendly chat with neighbors and friends if you wish. Its ability in accurately adjusting the appropriate water flow for each different chore saves time, energy, and more water than you would have wasted.

With adjustable spray patterns and water pressures to accommodate your diverse demands of anything you need to do outdoors, the strong metal construction assures a long-lasting product you won’t have to habitually change. Classic hose nozzles feature a push lever but this model presents you with a front pull-jack designed to offer you a comfortable hand grip.

With smooth functionality and reliability in mind with what makes this hose model different, the end result proves itself evident when the product demonstrates exceptional results making this a much-in-demand commodity.

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