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SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder

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SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder -- Easy To Install on Fish Tank - Never miss any feeding time - Ideal for vacation, weekend getaway

  • WORKS WITH A VARIETY OF FOOD OPTIONS --- Adaptable and useful, the SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder works with an array of food types such as flake or ball feed for both freshwater or marine fish.
  • CUSTOMIZE TO YOUR FISH’S NEEDS --- Whether your fish needs to be fed a small amount twice a day or a larger amount of food only once a day, the microcomputer in the SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder makes it easy to customize a feeding schedule (up to 4 times per day). You don’t need to remember to feed them now. The SunGrow feeder will take care of it for you.
  • ECONOMICAL, BATTERY OPERATED USING TWO AA ALKALINE BATTERIES --- Save in energy by utilizing a battery operated automatic fish feeder as opposed to a traditional plug-in option that uses up electricity. Please note that this package does not include a battery.
  • INCREDIBLY EASY TO SETUP AND INSTALL --- The SunGrow Microcomputer Automatic Fish Feeder takes only minutes to set up Fill it with food and attach to your aquarium using a universal installation clamp.
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE, EASY TO READ LCD DISPLAY SCREEN --- The highly readable LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen on the SunGrow Automatic Fish Feeder distinctly displays the time making it easy to set feeding timers.

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