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Liquid Seaweed Plant Fertilizer for Aquariums - 16oz

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Liquid Seaweed Plant Fertilizer for Aquariums - 16oz Organic Ready to use Formula - Growing Aid for Healthy & Happy Aquatic Plants - Contains over 70 Essential Vitamins, Minerals & Micronutrients

  • VITAMIN PACKED, HANDMADE, ORGANIC FORMULA --- Unlike chemical growing aids, organic Seaweed blend Fertilizer utilizes the incredible natural benefits of seaweed. The amazing liquid plant food contains more than 70 essential vitamins and minerals such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and magnesium that are necessary to grow healthy and happy plants.
  • PROMOTES LUSH & VIBRANT PLANT GROWTH --- When poured in the fish tank, your beloved plants absorb this soluble fertilizer instantly aiding in growth, photosynthesis and cell pressure maintenance. Not only will the leaves become stronger and have more vibrant color, but the seaweed plant food also prevents leaves from yellowing and decaying.
  • HELPS SPEED UP SEED GERMINATION --- The multi-purpose Seaweed concentrate Fertilizer can be applied directly to the soil in your aquarium or terrarium to speed up the seed germination process. All of the beneficial nutrients found in this marine algae based plant food are rapidly absorbed by the soil; feeding your seeds with the vitamins they need to sprout quickly and vigorously.
  • ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY & SAFE FOR YOUR FISH --- Based on organic kelp seaweed, the SunGrow professional grade liquid fertilizer for plants is derived from a sustainable source that is harvested without any damage to the earth or the environment. The naturally produced hormones and minerals are beneficial to your plants and safe for your cichlids, goldfish and other aquatic pets.
  • EFFECTIVE ON A VARIETY OF PLANT SPECIES --- One of the greatest benefits of this soluble seaweed extract fertilizer is your ability to make concentration adjustments for the many different applications. For example, houseplants or vegetables may require a greater concentration of fertilizer than a yard or front lawn. The liquid plant food may also be poured directly into your aquarium water to boost your aquatic plants. So both indoor and outdoor plants can leverage its capability.

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