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6-pcs Natural Cholla wood for Chinchillas by SunGrow

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6-pcs Natural Cholla wood for Chinchillas by SunGrow - 100% Organic soft wood, Chemical-free, thorn-free - Keeps pet’s teeth healthy - Chew toy for ferret, guinea pig, gerbil, mice, hamster, rabbit

  • 6-PCS NATURAL CHOLLA WOOD WOOD --- This pack of natural cholla wood by SunGrow comes with 6 pieces. Each piece measures 1.5 inches diameter and 2 inches long. Place them around your hamsters cage for them them to enjoy.
  • ORGANIC 100% NATURAL HAMSTER WOOD --- SunGrow Natural Cholla Wood is all natural, guaranteed organic, thorn-free and chemical-free. It is safe for hamsters and other small pets and won’t snag their soft skin due to soft edges.
  • CREATES PERFECT CLIMBING AREA--- Dwarf hamsters and Robo hamsters will find the cholla wood a perfect place to climb and play on. The hollow center and various holes will provide interest and simulation for your pets.
  • CHEW TOY FOR SMALL PETS--- Birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice and reptiles will enjoy chewing and playing with these small pieces of wood. The Cholla Wood fulfils their need to chew and keeps their teeth in shape
  • CREATE NATURAL DIY DECOR --- SunGrow Cholla Wood can used to enhance the appearance of potted plants and flora. Hobbyists often use these for various DIY and craft projects. So, if you do not wish to make use as your pet chew toy, you now have the option to hang it on your wall and give your space a rustic look.

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