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20 ft. Long Split Wire Loom Tubing by SunGrow - Made from Heat-resistant corrugated Plastic pipe

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20 ft. Long Split Wire Loom Tubing by SunGrow--- Protect Wires From Rabbits, Cats and other pets - Efficiently manages open cables - Made from Heat-resistant corrugated Plastic pipe

  • MAKE YOUR HOME SAFE FOR YOUR BUNNY RABBITS --- Pet safety should be a priority and prevention is the best way to keep rabbits, kittens, puppies, birds and other pets safe in your home. Inserting this split wire tubing around your wire can prevent your pets causing electrical fires, electrocution, burns or even strangulation. Don’t wait until it’s too late, cover your wires today.
  • PROTECT YOUR WIRES FROM CHEWING PETS --- Rabbits, cats, dogs, and other pets can be very sneaky and curious creatures. Having a simple piece of tubing around your wires can be a way to prevent your pet bunny or puppy from having a chew on them. Take away the temptation by covering any loose wires or cable around your home.
  • VERSATILE CABLE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION --- Polyethylene slit piping is one of the best ways to hold groups of wires in position and protect the wires against, chewing, abrasion and crushing. The split runs along the entire length of the loom, which makes wire insertion easy. Once the wire or cable is inserted, the split remains closed, you can always open it to add more cable to the bundle if needed.
  • HEAT-RESISTANT AND FLAME RETARDANT --- This length of plastic piping has a temperature resistance of -40 ℃ - +110 ℃. and passed the UL 94 V0 flame test. This can help prevent and minimize damage from electrical fires, or heating up of any cables or wires around your home.
  • 20 FEET OF PIPING CAN BE CUT TO SIZE ---- With 20 Feet of split loom tubing, you will have more than enough to cover cables and wires in your home, garden or perhaps in your office. You can cut this slit loom to any size and use for computer leads, Television cables and any other electronic device in and around your home.

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