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SunGrow Bird House with Ladder, Nesting Home and Bird Feeder, Mini Condo for Avians, Coco Texture Encourage Foot and Beak Exercise, 100% Raw Coconut Husk, Durable Habitat with Hanging Loop

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SunGrow Bird House with Ladder: 100% Natural Coconut Husk: Beautiful Nesting House or Bird Feeder: Sustainable Materials: Natural Textures Encourage Foot and Beak Exercise

  • TREAT DISPENSER--- This coconut shell bird house provides the perfect hollow space for placing treats and bird seed. Finches, sparrows, and robins will flock to this eco-friendly bird house.
  • NATURAL PRODUCT--- This SunGrow Birdhouse is made from a completely natural coconut husk, making this a 100% safe and non-toxic environment for birds.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE--- The SunGrow Birdhouse is made from one of nature’s strongest materials ensuring its durability. Additionally, this coconut shell bird house will never rust or get moldy.
  • EXERCISE--- The rough wooden rope ladder and coconut fibers, provide a variety of natural textures which encourage foot and beak exercise.
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR SMALL BIRDS--- On an average, the bird house has an opening diameter of 2.4 inches and the coconut shell diameter is about 5.1 inches. As these are natural products, the measurement can vary a bit though.

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