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Room By Room - It’s Time to Learn About Pet Proofing Your Home

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Forget childproofing your home, sometimes your pet dog or cat is the one getting into things that they shouldn't. Although it can be funny when your dog gets into the garbage can or eats something they shouldn’t. You need to be aware that there are dangerous substances or items that can accidentally be left lying around the house. Below you can find our top tips for pet-proofing each room and of your home. Pet safety should be a number one priority for all pet parents.


Kitchens may pose some dangerous hazards for your dogs and cats- especially if your pantry is easy to open. Make sure to use some childproof latches that will keep those little paws from prying open cupboards and doors. Chocolate is especially dangerous for dogs so keep that well out of reach. Other ideas to pet-proof your kitchen are to keep your trash cans covered and any chemicals high up where your pet can’t reach. For extra precaution, you can always install a gate to stop a young puppy running wild in the kitchen.

Living Room

The living room is probably considered quite safe, however, there are still some things you can do to make your home 100% safe for your pets. Puppies, house rabbits, and kittens might find wires a great chew toy, so keep all wire and cords secured out of reach of your pets. Perhaps get them some real chew toys to stop them chewing on potentially dangerous things. Houseplants should be placed high up as some common plants may be poisonous to your pets. As a general precaution if you have small children make sure that any puzzle pieces or small toys are not left lying around as they can pose choking hazards for your pets.


The bedroom is where you and your pet cat or dog probably spend cozy times together, you may even be one of those dog owners that lets your pooch sleep on the end of your bed. The bedroom is quite safe, but just be certain that jewelry, hair clips, pins and other odds and ends are kept away from exploring and mischievous pets. Mothballs and other bug traps are toxic so keep them out of reach. Curious kittens and puppies in training may not understand boundaries, so keep lotions and cosmetics off accessible surfaces.


This room probably has the most potentially harmful things in it. First and foremost keep the toilet lid shut to prevent your pet from falling in or drinking the unclean water. Dogs can also chew or swallow stray socks, towels or toilet paper so keep those all out of reach. It’s always good to train your doggie what is a chew toy and what is definitely NOT a chew toy. Other obvious hazards are bleach, chemicals, medication and any other lotions you have lying around. With young cats and puppies, it’s always good to keep these things high up and out of sight.

Laundry Room

The obvious danger hazards are laundry detergents, washing powders and other chemicals that may be lying around so keep those well away from your pets. Your dryer feels lovely and warm, which is really tempting for cats to take a little nap in. Make sure you close the door of both your washer and dryer so your beloved pets don’t get tempted to sneak inside.

Once you have pet-proofed the inside of your home, take a walk around your front and back gardens, patios, deck, and balcony to make sure that there are no holes, sharp things or dangerous wires. Fire pits and barbecues can also be very dangerous, so keep an eye on your pets or keep them indoors when barbecuing. Keeping your pets safe is not as simple as you think; your pets can be cunning, curious and mischievous animals which is what makes them so loveable in the first place. Enjoy pet-proofing your home for a healthy, secure and happy pet.

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