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6 Reasons Why having a Pet Dog is the Best Thing for Your Kids

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Are you are wondering if getting a dog will be too overwhelming for your kids or perhaps you don’t think your children are responsible enough for a pet? Read on to see why getting a dog is actually a good thing for your family. Although it may take some time for you and your kids to adjust to a new addition to the family, the benefits of having pets with kids at home will out way any of your initial hesitation and worry.

 1) Children who grow up with a pet dog will create some of the most amazing childhood memories. Nothing is more exciting for a young child than taking a dog for a walk and playing fetch with her out in the park. They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but in reality, they are your children’s best friend. Your dog will be the one to cheer up your child after a long day at school. The one to be there for your child if they ever get lonely and the ultimate play date in case it's too cold to go outside.

 2) Have you tried time and time again to get your kids off their iPads and to spend some more time outdoors? With a doggy waiting by the front door eager to go outside their excuses to get some physical activity will be more limited. Your children will start exercising and getting fresh air way more often. They can even take turns taking the dog for an early morning walk before school starts. In this study, it shows that kids who exercise in the morning will enjoy increased attention spans and reduced symptoms of ADHD.
 3) Having a family pet, especially a warm, fluffy dog can teach both boys and girls about nurturing and caring for others. Instead of playing with dolls, your children can enjoy taking care of a real-life animal. They may even start to play doctor and do check up’s on the dog just to make sure they are healthy. Boys and Girls, who are used to looking after a pet, will show increased self-esteem, be more empathetic and caring to those around them.
 4) If your child is an only child then getting a pet dog can be the best present you can ever give your child. As the saying goes “A puppy is not just for Christmas- they are for life” Having a companion to play with is essential for your child's development. Additionally, having a pet to snuggle and cuddle will reduce anxiety and tension in your child. It’s the most precious thing in the world when even the tiniest of toddlers fall asleep on the rug next to the dog.
 5) Children who are just learning to read will gain more confidence in their skills by reading aloud to the family pet. Sitting, stroking and talking to the pet dog is very therapeutic and calming for your children. Watch your children read aloud from their books without any pressure when they think that only the family dog is listening to the story.
 6) Of course, if you are still on the fence about getting a dog, this benefit just seals the deal. Teaching kids responsibility. Getting your kids involved with taking care of the family pet will enable them to learn the concept of responsibility and putting the needs of someone else first. Let them give your dog his food in the morning and take turns making sure doggy has had enough fresh air and walks that day. Giving your child responsibility will equip them with the skills needed to function in the outside world.
If you remain unconvinced by these incredible benefits of having a dog in the home, or perhaps you yourself have a fear of dogs then perhaps consider getting another type of pet. Beta fish, hamsters, and cats may be an easier option for you and your family while still providing many of the benefits mentioned above. Whichever pet you decide to get for your family giving them a warm, loving and healthy environment is always the most important thing.

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