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Announcing Our New Name... SunGrow is now Luffy Pets

Posted by Luffy Pets on

Exciting news!! The old pet supplies store known as SunGrow has now become “Luffy Pets”! A Pet store with humble beginnings that has now grown into an international company.

If you’re wondering where the name Luffy came from allow us to explain. We will need to go back in time just a few years to when we first began selling pet products. Our main signature product was sun-dried leaves that are mainly used in aquariums and terrariums hence the name SunGrow. We were only selling these Indian almond leaves otherwise known as Cattapa leaves as well as other marine products like Marimo balls and aquarium plants.

Every year we began to add more and more amazing products for all different kinds of animals, we soon realized that we were passionate about all pets! Not only fish or reptiles but also those gorgeous fluffy dogs, cats, bunny rabbits and even feathery friends that people have in their homes.  

So, we came up with LUFFY PETS – Which is our Love for Fluffy pets. We couldn’t help ourselves; all those animals with fluffy fur, pink noses, wagging tails, little paws and colorful feathers have stolen our hearts! Our dedicated team of pet lovers continues to create and develop the best products for all your pets.

Now Luffy Pets hosts 3 brands namely Luffy, Sungrow and Rhinox and all concentrates on Pet Products. 

We still love fish by the way especially the delicate betta fish that constantly amazes us with their beauty, color, and grace. Red cherry shrimp, hermit crabs, and many other creatures are just as cute and amazing! The entire animal world is full of wondrous creatures that we can learn from and appreciate. That is why our mission at Luffy Pets is to provide your pets with the best care possible, and every pet no matter how big or small deserves a loving home.


Thanks for reading the story behind our new name LUFFY PETS and we can’t wait to hear from you with questions, comment or stories about all your beautiful pets.



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